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plugin Manage registered users (bundled with DokuWiki)

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Admin, CLI

This plugin allows wiki admins to manage their registered users. It provides facilities for:

  • adding new users
  • editing existing users, including changing group memberships
  • deleting users

The user manager works with a variety of different authorization backends, they tell it whether certain functions (e.g. user editing) are available and it adjusts its user interface accordingly. At present the user manager does not provide any validation of data used to create new users or modify existing users.

The management of access control lists for individual pages and namespaces are handled by the ACL plugin.


The User Manager is accessible from the admin screen (Login as superuser, click “Admin” and choose “ User Manager”).

Add an user by filling the Add User form. Be sure you provided a password or check Notify user checkbox, otherwise addition fails.

Editing an user can be done in the Edit User form that appears when you click on the username in the User List.

Reporting Issues

As the User Manager is a bundled plugin, please report your issues and feature request on the Bug tracker of DokuWiki:


Why can I not edit users?

Check the permissions of the file conf/users.auth.php. It needs to be writable for your webserver. This can be checked by adding ?do=check to url.

Also make sure your auth backend actually supports editing users.

Can I give non-superusers access to usermanager?

Not by configuration. Since this plugin allows changing groups, this would allow a manager to gain additional permissions, eg. by adding themselves into the admin group.

The plugin usermanagerextended does give managers restricted access, while preventing them from modifying superusers or escalating privileges.

How do I change the content of registration mail?

Copy inc/lang/en/registermail.txt to conf/lang/en/registeredmail.txt and modify it. See for more info Changing localized texts in your installation.

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