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The Newsletter Team

The newsletter team is part of The Community Team. We are responsible for creating the DokuWiki newsletter, highlighting news, recent and upcoming events, featured plugins and much more. We use MailChimp phpList to distribute the newsletter. We happily appreciate feedback and tips, just add them to the Newsletter Forum.

What skills are needed?

  • able to write acceptable English
  • time to contribute with a small text each and every month
  • curious and looking for news everywhere

What are the main Tasks?

  • search for news everywhere
  • produce the newsletter. Next newsletter text is in a protected namespace (here), just to keep you eager and waiting for next issue ;-)
  • monitor feedback in the Newsletter Forum

From the newsletter page…

The DokuWiki Newsletter keeps you updated on what happens in DokuWiki development
and the community, gives tips & tricks and features noteworthy plugins and templates.

…the release schedule

It is sent irregularly every one or two months.

Who are we?

Håkan Sandell from Sweden

I write the newsletter with some help from the others. (Account on MailChimp)

www.gravatar.com_avatar.php_gravatar_id_b6b4d7dbe3fb7cf61b68e36cd80f8698_size_64_rating_pg_d_monsterid_.jpg Andreas Gohr from Berlin

I contribute by proof reading. (Account on MailChimp)

Ryan Chappelle

I write about plugins.

FIXME Add rest of the team

We make a difference

Read and remembered (IRC 2010-09-13)

[10:20:10] glen remind me what was that plugin that allowed you write php code which would be later rendered as wiki text
[10:20:40] glen i'e echo "[[pages:", date("Y"), "]]"; would make link to "pages:2010"
[10:28:24] glen found! i recalled i heard about in newsletter, so i re-read all newsletters
[10:28:33] glen is what i searched

and more… (IRC 2010-10-02)

[11:41:39] xrays Hello, I received the newsletter, checked readability of /data/pages/wiki/dokuwiki.txt and it was readable! 
                 however apache with .htaccess is like it should be. file/directory owners are wwwrun/www (suse) and I get a 
                 403 if i try to access /data/pages/ what shoudl I check first?

Current Tasks

Next Newsletter ~new years eve 2010/11

  • Re-lic. content at
  • Featured plugin: FIXME suggest something
  • Tips & Tricks: FIXME suggest something


  • Future ideas for the newsletter are kept in a protected namespace (here).
  • Plugins, which will be presented in the newsletter should be run through a quality check (plugin team). (editx, which was mentioned in last NL, had one display bug and really rough german translations) — lupo49 2011/01/28 19:32
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