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This is a list of links to where DokuWiki is listed. Maybe most interesting to The Community Team, who tries to keep them updated - you are welcome to help us! Facts about DokuWiki make it easier to maintain uniform data in various listings.

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Wiki/CMS Specific Indexes

  • WikiMatrix, compare all Wiki engines, feature by feature and their different syntaxes.
  • OpenHub, analyse, search, evaluate, track and compare in this online community and public directory of free and open source software
  • opensourceCMS is designed to give you the opportunity to “try out” some of the best open source software systems in the world. Live DokuWiki demo available.
  • C2, The original wiki, created by Ward Cunningham in 1995, from which all other wikis are descended.
  • Ostatic, help users find viable Open Source projects and applications that fulfill specific needs and evaluate them against available alternatives.
  • Social Source Commons, mapping What's out there? and Who's using what? in NGO/NPO software.

General Indexes

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