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The Users page is too large and not really usable. We should offer better exposure of sites using DokuWiki both to attract new users but also to find collaboration partners. It should also add to the feeling of a community.


Some thoughts discussed on the DokuWiki HackFest in Zurich…

Change the page people get once they submitted their data. It currently just displays a generic “Thank you” message. Instead it should ask users if they'd like to make their data available as a user page. If they agree, they press a button which submits some prefilled page template to preview mode in the wiki1). This new page would contain a custom plugin using the anonid to pull data (like user numbers and page counts) from the database. Additional FIXMEs would ask for additional info (like links, descriptions, contact, logo,…)

The current user page would use another custom plugin to list/browse/filter these pages based on the data in the popularity db.

Positive side effects

  • Higher motivation for submitting popularity data
  • Possibilities to add information about site data, e.g. size, age

Implementation Steps

  • Create SQL database API for popularity data, this would be used for plugin manager improvements as well
  • Add “My Site Description” form to popularity plugin
  • Decide on if and how to connect forum users to their installation
  • Create plugin for displaying site data at using the API
  • Delete the old “users” page as current information doesn't readily match the new system and isn't that useful in current state
The success of this idea is heavily dependent on how privacy issues are handled and explained


FIXME: what page name to use
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