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ODT Plugin homepage

ODT render support

This page gathers information about plugins which support to render their output as ODT and plugins which need to be adjusted to support this format.

The following plugins support export to ODT. See column description for eventually present limitations.

Plugin Description
a2s The a2s plugin converts ASCII art diagram to nice embedded SVG images. as of version 2017-10-31, There are still a few quirks with color names and alignment.
Ad-Hoc Tags and Ad-Hoc Tables Enables HTML tags in DokuWiki code
Table-support is in the second plugin.
Changemarks The changemarks plugin is used to mark portions of text as inserted, deleted or highlighted. The latest version supports to export ODT format.
Chem The chem plugin formats a molecular formula by using <chem> tag. The latest version supports to export ODT format.
Color Opportunity to write colored text in DokuWiki
Columns The plugin makes it possible to arrange information in multiple columns.
Comment Add comments / notes to your wiki source that won't be shown on the page.
Definitionlist The plugin Definitionlist lets you create (X)HTML Definition lists, simple syntax and smart styling. There is one open issue.
DivAlign2 paragraph alignment. partial support (enhancements in progress)
Emphasis Use the Emphasis plugin for simple text highlighting.
explain Pull request committed 6th of October 2016 on github. :-)
Exttab3 Use the extended (MediaWiki-style) table syntax of the Exttab3 plugin to make your tables look nicer. You can give the table rows or cells different text styles or colors using CSS.
Fields User-defined fields support – Together with the fields plugin, you can store data in user-defined fields in your page, and recall this data from anywhere in your document (even in the headers and footers). See the fields plugin documentation page for more information.

In OpenOffice, user-defined fields are accessible using the Insert menu → Field → Other, “Variables” tab, and “User fields” section on the left.

This is very useful for document references, project names, etc.
Filelist The filelist plugin provides a syntax for adding linked and sorted lists of files as selected by wildcard based glob patterns to a wiki page.
Geotag The Geotag plugin enables the user to annotate pages with a geotag.
Include The include plugin will let you generate a single ODT file from multiple wiki pages, just like for XHTML.
Keyboard The Keyboard plugin marks text as keyboard keys.
LaTeX The LaTeX rendering plugin also will let you insert mathematical formulas in a wiki page, using a back-end LaTeX compiler.
Math2 The math2 plugin will let you insert mathematical formulas in a wiki page. Support for the ODT format which should be imminent. In the meantime, you can apply this code.
Mathpublish A PHP only solution for including mathematical formulae into DokuWiki.
Mimetex Exports TeX expressions as images using the standalone mimeTeX executable
Notes The nice-looking notes provided by the note plugin are exported to ODT.
Nspages The nspages plugin creates TOC of namespaces. The latest version supports the ODT format.
Pagebreak The Pagebreak plugin lets you insert manual pagebreaks in your document.
Sapnotelink The sapnotelink plugin creates SAP note links.
Stars2 The Stars2 plugin lets you add Rating, Difficulty, etc. in form of stars.
strata Add and query semi-structured data in your wiki
symbols4odt Allows insertion of symbols that work both on wiki pages, as well as in exported ODT files. Supports using UTF8 codes that are translated to symbols.
Typography The Typography plugin enables you to write more beautiful text. You can change the color, the font style and lots of other text parameters. The plugin has little limitations regarding ODT export, see the plugin page for details.
Wrap Universal, powerful plugin. Supports table alignment, multi-column text, text containers like in the Note plugin, text alignment and indentation and more. See the plugin page for details and for existing limitations regarding ODT export.
Switchpanel Draws a network switch panel from a list of port descriptions.
Var Displays some dynamic info about the current page, user or date. It uses exactly the same syntax and variables as namespace templates.
yalist yet another list syntax plugin

ODT Initiative

Please add plugins for which you would like to have ODT support to the list.

Plugin ODT Support Status
Box NO pending (Maintainer aware) Patch at wiki page. Basic output.
Code NO No specific code found. Just plain printing of text. Not tested.
Fontcolor NO pending pull request. You can also use the typography plugin to set the fontcolor.
gallery NO
PopUpViewer NO
refnotes NO See request at Github
syntaxhighlighter4 NO Unfortunately support for this plugin will not be possible as it works on the client side using java-script. Only server-side plugins can support ODT export.
plantumlparser NO pending pull request.
imagebox NO

Patches lost:

Plugin ODT Support Status
Blockquote NO pending (Maintainer not informed yet) No patch found
Konsole NO pending (Maintainer informed ) Patch not found
Pagelist NO pending (Maintainer informed on 2009-03-23) No patch found

How to add ODT support for a plugin?

If you are a developer which is interested in implementing ODT support for a plugin the following pages might be interesting for you:

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