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Emphasis Plugin

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plugin Several degrees of text highlighting

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This plugin enables different ways of highlighting. Each one maps to a color in the plugin configuration. This is quite similar to other plugins with the difference that it allows some degrees of highlighting with very simple syntax. Supports ODT-export as well.


Using colons shows respectively bold green, yellow and red colored text, when using the default color set.

::font color::



Using semicolons shows respectively bold green, yellow and red backgrounded text, when using the default color set.

;;background color;;



Please be aware that this plugin provides only text formatting, no section formatting.


Text and background colors


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


To style the different highlights you can modify the color settings in the configuration manager. You can set sequence of font colors and background colors.

In the sequence the first color corresponds to ::, the second to :::, etc. You can set as many colors you like. The number of correct colors you had set, determines the maximum emphasis level you can use.


Font colors: #009700, #ffb200, #ff0033
Background colors: #009700, #ffea00, #ff0033


  • 2013-01-23 - Plugin rewritten. Now using wrapper syntax, adds background highlighting and configuration options. Adopted by Klap-in
  • 2007-02-10 - Created by Stefan Hechenberger

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Please report your issues on the issue tracker.

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