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How do I add a sidebar?

If you're using the new default template (or any other template which supports sidebars out of the box), you already have a sidebar functionality. If you are using a different template, there are basically two ways to add a sidebar functionality:

Using a template which includes a sidebar functionality is often a better choice, as that sidebar will already be optimised to fit into the template's design and layout.

I have a sidebar functionality. How can I create or edit a sidebar now?

Most templates use a normal wiki page called “sidebar” for the sidebar. Some make this configurable, so you can choose the name of the page. (E.g. since Adora Belle there is the sidebar config option which some templates support.) And others have several sidebars, each of which will have their own page, sometimes even depending on namespaces.

In the most likely event that your sidebar is a page called “sidebar”, you just need to create it. Go to, click “Create this page”, edit the page, save, and you're done. That's it, your saved changes will appear in your sidebar.

How can I have an automatic navigation in my sidebar?

Best install one of the plugins tagged with 'menu' or plugins tagged with 'navigation'.

In many cases you will also need to add the ~~NOCACHE~~ macro when using a plugin which changes the sidebar's appearance per page or namespace.

My sidebar doesn't update properly or highlights the wrong parts

If your sidebar contains dynamic elements (e.g. highlighting of the current page or opening of a sub list, like a lot of navigation plugins do), then you need to add the ~~NOCACHE~~ macro to your page to prevent caching of the sidebar.

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