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roundbox Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

Lemming, Anteater, Rincewind, Angua, Adora Belle, Weatherwax, Binky, Ponder Stibbons, Hrun

template Rounded boxes that divide the page in a header, sidebar and main content area.

Last updated on

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to sxs

Tagged with cms, roundbox, sidebar, tagline, themes

(Original author: Christopher Arndt)

Originally built by Christopher Arndt and based on the design of his homepage. Boxes that divide the page into a header, sidebar and main content area. In most browsers (not Internet Explorer up to IE8) the boxes can have round corners.

Original info

Author: Don Bowman (was ChristopherArndt)
Date: 2011-01-02

Roundbox template Screenshot Roundbox is a template for DokuWiki, that was originally built by Christopher Arndt to match the style of his homepage, which is in turn based on a design from Open Source Web Designs. It has a clear, tableless design built using boxes that divide the page into three main sections: the header, a sidebar, and the main content area. The template is suitable for sites that have read-only access for non-registered users since all buttons can switched on/off, depending on acl levels and group membership. It is also possible to restrict access only to registered users.

Click the image to the left to see a bigger screenshot!

Feel free to send your experiences with this template by email or write a comment below.

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  1. Download the template archive.
  2. Extract it to <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl. This will create a subfolder called roundbox.
  3. Use the Admin Configuration Settings to select the template.
  4. Optional: configure some aspects of the template (see Configuration).
  5. Optional: select a theme (see Themes).


From the 2009-06-21 version the theme is a configuration option. The theme can be selected through Configuration Settings.

From the 2009-01-26 version it is possible to change the theme by modifying the file style.ini. Some suggested themes have been included in the themes folder. To use these, simply copy and rename one of them to replace the existing style.ini.


This template draws ideas and uses code from the following:

  • The default template distributed with DokuWiki as of version 2010-11-07 “Anteater”
  • It also includes some CSS styles taken from different plugins which I use at my site. These all went into the file plugins.css. The use of plugins.css has been dropped in the 2009-01-26 version. It may be re-instated later.

Sites using this template


Some aspects of this template look and behaviour can be configured by changing the settings in <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/roundbox/conf/default.php. Most of them can now also be changed through Configuration Settings. The following settings are available:

:!: There is currently a bug which prevents some config options from being saved. See cannot change configuration.


Specifies the theme to be used.

  • Type: String
  • Values: <current list of themes>
  • Default: evening


Set the text for the subtitle of your wiki, which is shown below the wiki title.

  • Type: String
  • Default: <empty string>


Enable rounded corners for the main layout boxes. Works in most browsers (not Internet Explorer up to IE8).

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true


Specifies on which side of the main page content block the sidebar is displayed.

  • Type: String
  • Values: left|right
  • Default: left


Show the site navigation box in the sidebar. See the section the sidebar for details.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true

Use links instead of buttons in the sidebar command box.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true


Always show the main sidebar. When this is set the default sidebar is always shown. If the current space is in a namespace that also has a sidebar file, this is shown after the main sidebar. If this option is not set the sidebar most appropriate to the page being shown is used.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false

Note that this option only applies when rb_sitenav is true.

:!: Bug: This config option won't be saved. See cannot change configuration.


Show an edit button on the sidebar.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false

:!: Bug: This config option won't be saved. See cannot change configuration.


Replace breadcrumbs with a hierarchical navigation path.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true


Sets the text that separates each breadcrumb. This only has an effect if rb_youarehere is true.

  • Type: String
  • Default: &rarr;


Remove underscores from breadcrumb links. This only has an effect if rb_youarehere is true.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true


Sets the name for the index page of namespaces. This only makes sense if rb_youarehere is true.

  • Type: String
  • Default: start


This is a private wiki. When this is set the wiki can only be accessed by registered users. If a user is not logged in the only page that is shown is the Login page.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false

:!: Bug: This config option won't be saved. See cannot change configuration.


Which actions should be available in the command box in the sidebar? Available actions are:

ActionEnglish label
editEdit this page / Show pagesource / Show page
historyOld revisions
subscribeManage Subscriptions
recentRecent changes
profileUpdate Profile
-Inserts a small vertical space

The order of the actions in the array determine the order of the commands in the sidebar (top-down).

  • Type: Array
  • Default: array( 'edit', 'revert', 'history', 'subscribe', 'backlink', '-', 'index', 'recent', '-', 'admin', '-', 'profile', 'login')

rb_act_min_access / rb_act_users

The following settings determine which action buttons/links are shown to which users.:

For each of the actions listed above there can be a key in both of the associative arrays of the two options rb_act_min_access and rb_act_users.

The former specifies, which access level the current user must have at minimum to see this button. The latter allows to specify a list of users and/or groups that will see this button, regardless of their access level. Group names must be prefixed with an '@'. The special group '@ALL' refers to users, logged in or not.

Additionally the following keys in the arrays are checked to determine the visibility of the search and the “Goto” form:

ActionEnglish label

:!: NOTE These options only determine the visibility of the buttons/links for these functions. The functions themselves can still be called by entering the appropriate URL parameters manually!. You have been warned.

See the file conf/default.php in the template directory for an example.

  • Type: Array
  • Default: see conf/default.php

The lists can only be modified in the conf/default.php. They have not been made available through Configuration Settings.


The Roundbox template uses a few translatable strings (e.g. for box titles and button tooltips). To translate them to your language, create a directory named after the two-letter code of your language in <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/roundbox/lang/, copy the file <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/roundbox/lang/en/lang.php to it, and translate the strings in it.

Language files for English, Finnish, German, French and Italian are included. If have corrections for these or you translate them into your language, please send the lang.php file to the author for inclusion in the template distribution.

There is now a second language file, settings.php, which is used for the descriptions in Configuration Settings. Only English and Finnish versions exist at the moment.



 * 正體中文 language file
 * @license    GPL 2 (
$lang['rb_theme']               = "樣版";
$lang['rb_tagline']             = "Wiki 標語";
$lang['rb_roundcorners']        = "圓角";
$lang['rb_sidebar_orientation'] = "側邊位置";
$lang['rb_sitenav']             = "在側邊欄中顯示網站導覽";
$lang['rb_uselinks']            = "使用連結取代按鈕";
$lang['rb_index']               = "開始頁名";
$lang['rb_youarehere']          = "分層導覽";
$lang['rb_crumbsep']            = "'您在這裏'的分隔";
$lang['rb_removeunderscore']    = "所在位置移除下底線";
$lang['rb_showeditbtn']         = "顯示側邊欄上的編輯按鈕";
$lang['rb_private']             = "已登錄用戶限制訪問";
$lang['rb_main_sidebar']        = "顯示主側邊";
//Setup VIM: ex: et ts=2 enc=utf-8 :

The sidebar

This templates integrates code from the sidebar template to provide a box with a site navigation in the sidebar. The contents of this box are normal wikipages. Which wiki page is loaded in the site navigation box, depends on the current namespace. See the original sidebar template for an explanation.

As a quick starter, just create a page named “sidebar” in the default namespace. Whatever you put on this page, will be shown in the site navigation box. You may create separate files for each namespace. If rb_main_sidebar is set, both the default sidebar and the namespace sidebar will by shown.

The sidebar can be shown on the left or the right of the main box depending on the option selected for rb_sidebar_orientation. The default is to the left.


Version: 2014-04-30

  • Compatibility
    • Changes to comply with DokuWiki 2013-12-08 “Binky”.
      • CSS changes to use Less variables.

Version: 2014-04-27

  • Compatibility
    • Changes to comply with DokuWiki 2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”.
      • DOKU_TPL/DOKU_TPLINC changed to tpl_basedir()/tpl_incdir().
      • CSS changes for TOC and search results.
  • Display
    • Secondary Edit buttons are now more readable.
  • Bug Fixes
    • When using option 'rb_main_sidebar' check that main sidebar page exists.
    • When using option 'rb_private' allow 'register' and 'forgotten password' requests.

Version: 2011-01-02 Don Bowman

- Compatibility
  - CSS changes to comply with DokuWiki 2009-12-25c “Lemming”.
  - Use new dformat function instead of strftime (DokuWiki 2009-12-25c “Lemming”).
  - Revert button added to command list.
- Display
  - Section headers in Configuration Settings changed to be consistently readable.
  - Round corners now work in all browsers (other than Internet Explorer up to IE8).
  - Buttons now have highlights/shadows and colours that match the theme.
- Sidebar
  - New configuration option 'rb_showeditbtn' to show sidebar edit button.
  - New configuration option 'rb_main_sidebar' to always show main sidebar.
- Access Control
  - New configuration option 'rb_private' to restrict access to logged in users.
- Bug Fixes
  - Media Manager now displays correctly in Firefox.
  - Sidebar processing now displays correctly for namespaces.
  - Sidebar processing now drops empty entries completely (necessary for Internet Explorer up to IE8).

Version: 2009-06-21 Don Bowman

- Themes
  - Allow change of theme from the Configuraton Settings.
  - New configuration setting 'rb_theme'
  - Force a page refresh on change of theme.
  - New theme similar to 'sxs' template.  This illustrates the use of CSS for overrides.
  - New theme 'yuk' to illustrate use of background images and structure.
    ** Please do not use for a site! **
  - 'Blue' and 'Green' renamed to 'Evening' and 'Spring' respectively.
- Language support
  - Include Finnish language. Thanks go to Mika Rantanen.
- Miscellaneous
  - Standard and Roundbox versions of "you are here" are now set on or off independently.
  - Blend horizontal rule in sidebar with border.
- Bug Fixes
  - Sidebar border display corrected.
  - Contrasting background for message confirming setting update.
  - Changes to TOC hover and logged in user for consistency across themes.
  - Some template configuration settings were not being used correctly.
  - Image information displays correctly.
  - Date and time display correctly.
  - Insitu footnotes display correctly.
  - 'Last modified' displays correctly.
  - 'Autosaved' displays correctly.

Version: 2009-01-26 Don Bowman

- Colour scheme handling changed to comply with DokuWiki 2008-05-05.
- TOC now displaying correctly with DokuWiki 2008-05-05.
- Media Manager changed to comply with DokuWiki 2008-05-05.
- You Are Here/Breadcrumbs selection options modified (possibly still not correct).
- Edit Profile added to default action list rb_action.
- Other miscellaneous changes to comply with DokuWiki 2008-05-05.

New in version 0.4.1b:

* Sat Nov 12 2005 Christopher Arndt
- fixed double list bullets in index list in sidebar
- removed -moz-border line from sidebar.css (reported by anonymous ( on wiki page)
- set rb_tagline in conf.php to empty string again

New in version 0.4b:

* Sat Oct 22 2005 Christopher Arndt
- added French translation (Jean-Philippe Georget)
- added Italian translation
- adapted image details page (detail.php) to template style
- adapted media selection page (media.php) to template style
- adapted media reference page (mediaref.php) to template style
- added missing meta data edit page (mediaedit.php) and adapted to template
- fixed text color for error and success messages
- moved inclusion of discussion plug-in file to top to prevent
  "headers already sent" error
- included sidebar fix from Andreas Nyholm (see [[#comments_suggestions|below]])

New in version 0.3b:

* Tue Oct 11 2005 Christopher Arndt
- fixed unmatched div tag
- new option for sidebar orientation (requested by Warren Smith)
- some CSS fixes (removed unneeded divs, some margins adjusted)
- moved sidebar code after page content (for screen readers)
- marked page sections by HTML comments for easier customization
- added hr between toplink and page meta data
- added up arrow to toplink

New in version 0.2b:

* Sat Oct 01 2005 Christopher Arndt
- added detail.php from 2009-09-22 DokuWiki release
- renamed all options to have a 'rb_' prefix
- added 'Subscribe changes' button (currently only works when using latest
  (2005-10-01) darcs version of DokuWiki or when rb_sitenav_use_links == false)
- move tpl_msgarea() to top of wikipage area
- added a "Goto" button
- renamed $lang['*_btn'] strings to $lang['btn_*'] to match DokuWiki usage
- removed note plugin CSS code. Not ready for prime time yet.
- correct accidental bold ol items
- add support for discussion plugin (only loaded when available)

* Fri Sep 30 2005 Christopher Arndt
- small horizontal space between quicksearch field and button
- factored out sitecmd in extra include file
- config option whether to use links or buttons
- config options for commands available in sitecmd
- config options for button showing based on accesslevel or user/group
- added CSS for image meta and mediapopup from 2009-09-22 DokuWiki release
- removed breadcrumbs.php, renamed function and moved to roundbox.php
- new CSS for note plugin


The following ToDo list items have been dropped. They will be re-instated if needed.

  • have edit links instead of buttons in sections (ask how to do this on the mailing list)
  • provide substitute for tpl_pageinfo() with configurable contents
  • find better solution for hard-coded height of #header_bar
  • beautify print.css
  • change the colors to something usable eg light blue or grey

Comments & suggestions

Version 2014-04-30, Version 2014-04-27

Could you provide a github repository of the template? It would make contributing patches and maintaining customized client versions much easier.

Andreas Gohr 2014-08-25 11:04

Cannot change configuration

There was a change since Binky which made Boolean config options stricter. I.e. false or true are not allowed anymore, you need to use 0 and 1 instead. This template contains 8 such config options which won't work when changed via the configuration manager (especially everything set to false). See also this fix in a different template. — Anika Henke 2015-04-26 11:28

Version 2011-01-02

Please add any comments, suggestion or questions regarding the 2011-01-02 version of the template here. Please also sign your comments using the toolbar button. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

Commands box is empty when rb_uselinks is true. It seems that a function tpl_get_action() is not defined and is not nessesary compared to the implementation for generate button. It looks like it gets fixed just by removing line 139 and line 143 of “roundbox.php”. — Shaster 2011/01/20

Function tpl_get_action() was added in the latest release of Dokuwiki (2010-11-07) and is defined in /inc/template.php. I am guessing that you must be using an earlier version.
You are right that those two lines are not necessary, they were added to stop Internet Explorer displaying an empty list item for an action that only some users get. Other browsers just skip an empty list item. Removing those lines won't do any harm any other than to affect the way IE displays the command list. — Don Bowman 2011/01/20 16:07

I have rb_main_sidebar = true. Setting rb_sitenav to false disables the whole sidebar. Setting it to true enables it for normal users but not for admins. Very strange… — Niko 2011/03/06 22:27

The rb_sitenav setting determines whether the Contents box is shown. The rb_main_sidebar setting affects what is included. Either way the Commands box should always be shown. I can see no reason for admins to be treated any differently. I will need more information to investigate this. — Don Bowman 2011/03/10 21:17
Ok, my statement was partly wrong: The difference is between guests and registered users (instead of admins). The Commands box is always shown. I have only one sidebar page (doku.php?id=sidebar). Here are some details: — Niko 2011/03/13 09:39
rb_main_sidebar rb_sitenav users guests my expectation for users and guests
true true sidebar sidebar + namespace index sidebar + namespace index
true false nothing nothing sidebar
false true sidebar namespace index namespace index
false false nothing nothing nothing
The rb_main_sidebar option was added to the latest version following a request, but it is subordinate to rb_sitenav and so your second line does not apply. Before that only one sidebar or namespace index was shown. This was not clear in the description. I have changed it to say this.
The description of the way this works in the sidebar is not very good and needs to be rewritten, but if you follow the links you will find a more detailed explanation. What your users are seeing is what I would expect when viewing a page in the root namespace. What your guests are seeing is what I would expect when viewing a page in a lower namespace. The namespace index is only shown if there is not a suitable sidebar page. The real question here is why are your users and guests seeing something different? This may be something to do with access levels.
These two options could possibly be combined in the next version to make them a little more logical. — Don Bowman 2011/03/13 19:53
Can I help you somehow to find out if there is something wrong with access levels? — Niko 2011/03/13 22:09

I love the rp_private .. but it also kills access to the “forgot password” page. Could we have rp_private NOT apply to the doku.php?id=manual:start&do=resendpwd page? — Gentgeen 2011/03/07

I just did a “down and dirty” edit to “main.php” …. Maybe someone with better skills then me can see/comment if there is a problem with it. It seems to be working (very preliminary testing) for our site.

<!-- wikipage start -->
  if (strpos(strtolower($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']),'resendpwd')) {
  } else {
      if (tpl_getConf('rb_private') && !$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'])
<!-- end wikipage -->

Gentgeen 2011/03/07

It seems that this also applies to the “register” option where that is allowed. The following code will be in the next version.
<!-- wikipage start -->
    if ($ACT == "register" || $ACT == "resendpwd") 
    else if (tpl_getConf('rb_private') && !$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']) 
<!-- end wikipage -->

Don Bowman 2011/03/10 09:42

There is a wrong link in detail.php, line 48. It should be mediamanager.php instead of media.php. — Niko 2011/03/07 23:39

Thanks for pointing this out. It relates to some features that got lost from the 2005 version when the media manager was upgraded. I will try to get them back in the next version. — Don Bowman 2011/03/10 09:43
It looks like detail.php is not being run from the media manager so that code is not executed (at least, that is, on my system). It seems to be a problem in the media manager. — Don Bowman 2011/03/13 19:53
It is called here: lib/exe/detail.php?media=… If you click on the pencil-icon behind the picture-information headline. The code for this icon is generated in roundbox.php from line 380. And there is also a reference to media.php instead of mediamanager.php — Niko 2011/03/13 09:39

I would appreciate if you could add a footer on the right side of the sidebar. I am not a programmer but if you tell me how, I could probably do it. Also, you mentioned “Please also sign your comments using the toolbar button” I don't see what you are refering to. Thank you Daniel 2011/04/23 16:47

The table of content is no more “skinned” as before using the latest stable release (dokuwiki-2012-10-13) I don't find what's wrong there.
Thanks Arnaud 2012/10/25 11:14

Version 2009-06-21

Please add any comments, suggestion or questions regarding the 2009-06-21 version of the template here. Please also sign your comments using the toolbar button. — Don Bowman 2009/06/23 11:40

all sidebar contents are visible without login. not good for closed, private wiki. need a way to disable/hide entire sidebar until user authorized, like other templates do (arctic and monobook)

Option to make a wiki private was added in the latest release. See rb_private.

would be nice to provide different fonts and size for the sidebar. but not as important

This is determined by the CSS. It would be too complex to provide a general option for this particularly as it would be installation dependent. See sidebar.css. You should be able to work out from the names which to change. See design.css for an example of the font setting. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

The design.css file refers to an ./images/buttonshadow.png that does not exist. – T. Howell-Cintron 2009/07/27

Well spotted. Somehow this was missed out when the template was upgraded. You can copy it from the default template. It will be included in the next version. — Don Bowman 2009/07/28 07:07
On reflection it doesn't look right on some themes. It needs modifying to match the colour of the theme. Perhaps it is better leaving it out for the time being. — Don Bowman 2009/07/28 08:53
This has been dropped in the latest release and replaced with a separate image called button.png for each theme. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

Problem with MSIE6 ( on W2k-Server, DokuWiki of 2008-05-05 on a local and a remote server ): On each page besides the starting page doku.php, the vertical start of the “Contents” window with the list of documents is placed below the end of the main window. In opposite, with Firefox 3.x on W2k-Server and with MSIE7 on Vista, all works fine. — Rolf Hemmerling 2009-10-04 10:55

This actually happens with any browser if the window is not wide enough to hold both boxes side by side. I have tried this on W2k-Pro with IE6 and it shows correctly provided the window is wide enough. This should not happen with a full screen. — Don Bowman 2009/10/08 22:26
I went back and had a look at your web site again. I see that this problem occurs even in full screen whenever your index is expanded to show HTML file names. It looks like IE7 and all the other browsers respect the width setting in sidebar.css and truncate the file names. IE6 does the opposite. It keeps the full file name and ignores the width. If IE6 is ignoring the CSS then I am not sure what, if anything, can be done about it. — Don Bowman 2009/10/09 00:41

Problem with MSIE6 ( on W2k-Server, DokuWiki of 2008-05-05 on a local and a remote server ) and MSIE7 ( on Vista, DokuWiki of 2008-05-05 on a local and a remote server ): The “Commands” window has bullets for all options which might enabled. I.e. in logout mode, there are 5 bullets, but just 2 of them are named ( index, login ), while after login 5 bullets are valid and named. The other bullets are “empty” in logout mode. With Firefox on any platform, there are no extra empty bullets. Rolf Hemmerling 2009-10-04 19:00

This is a problem with conf/default.php and both IE6 and IE7. There are errors in both the actions and the corresponding classes and an empty list gets created for each bad entry. Other browsers just ignore the empty lists and so it is not so obvious. It only gets seen with IE. There is another release on the way that includes this fix. — Don Bowman 2009/10/08 22:26
This has been fixed in the latest release. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

No compatibility of “roundbox” template with “translation2”, which depends on “jquery”. The only manual configuration is to include a line in ( the / your ) template file “main.php”, and there must be a namespace ( folder ) “de” with documents in German language in it, and the same documents in the main folder in English language. With the “default” template, US and German flags are shown in the upper bar with “edit page” and “old revisions”. With your “roundbox” template, there are no flags. The behaviour is already noticed on jquery by user “JayE”, who writes “Hi, I use your example ODT export, but the export icon isn't shown in all templates. The Roundbox template is one of these where the button isn't shown”. Hint: In the file “action.php” of Translate2, line 70, jQuery is called with the parameter “bar_topleft” which is a HTML-DIV. With another template which did not show the translation flags too, this HTML-DIV had another name, and after renaming the HTML-DIV to “bar_topleft” in all files, it worked for the other template ).

$event->data[] = 'jQuery(\'DIV#bar__topleft\').append(\'' . $this->html_langswitcher() . '\');'; 

Rolf Hemmerling 2009-12-01 12:00

Roundbox is actually using bar_topleft. It should be using bar__topleft. Note the difference. This has been changed and is included in the new release. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

Problems using roundbox template and indexmenu plug-in. The index tree doesn't show all the existing nodes although you are logged in. The only way to see all the nodes is just to do any change in the configuration manager, and then once the changes are saved, the nodes will be shown correctly. But the problem persist next time you access the wiki, you must perform again a change in the configuration manager, and save changes in order to see all the index nodes. This problem is not reproduced using other templates.

This was a compatibility problem with the way that the sidebar was being generated. The index was always there, it just could not be reached easily. Sidebar processing has now been simplified in the latest release and this problem should not appear again. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

Is it possible to show sidebar always and sidebar + namespace:sidebar while browsing the namespace :?:
Its possible with Arctic Template which is also using the sidebar template. So it should be possible, but I can't figure out what changes I have to make.

This has been included in the new release. See rb_main_sidebarDon Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

I didn't see this listed, but the CC license doesn't follow what is set in the configuration. Although, I wish there was a way to turn/select which ones even showed up…Robert Beaver 2010-01-09

It is not clear from the above what the problem is. It does not appear to be a template problem. This is part of the general Dokuwiki configuration. The only part that can be handled by the template is if you want the copyright notice to be displayed on each page. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

I believe I found a bug in this template. The interwiki icons do not appear, not even the icons for dokuwiki. They do show up when I change to the default template. This can be easily corrected by editing the design.css file and changing the following lines

div.dokuwiki a.interwiki {
 background: transparent url(images/interwiki.png) 0px 1px no-repeat;
 padding-left: 16px;
 border-bottom: 1px dotted __extern__;


div.dokuwiki a.interwiki {
I looked at the interwiki icons in “Formatting Syntax” using each theme in turn and they all appeared to be displaying correctly. Roundbox has its own icon for interwiki links and this is what is showing. The above change simply reverts to the Dokuwiki standard icon. I have left this unchanged in the latest release. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

Spring theme __background_neu__ could probably be changed to something different that would make visited links and text using default text color more visible. With default color I couldn't see visited links in tables. I use “#8aa073” which makes them visible but probably isn't the best color one could choose for this.

When changing the template to use symbolic names for various colours I deliberately limited the number of colour combinations to keep it simple. This also meant compromising on the colours. It is possible to introduce more text/background pairs, for example __text_visited__ and __background_visited__ and use them wherever you want. It just means that you have to update the relevant files after a new release. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

Version 2009-01-26

Please add any comments, suggestion or questions regarding the 2009-01-26 version of the template here. Please also sign your comments using the toolbar button. — Don Bowman 2009/02/01 15:11

Does anybody know how to remove this message from the sidebar?

This is an index over all available pages ordered by namespaces.

Is there a way to have the dynamic sidebar + my own sidebar? — chris

The message is part of the standard Index display. This is normal. If you select Index from the Commands box you will find the same display in the main window, complete with message. The simple answer is therefore that you can not remove it. There are several plugins that affect the way the index is displayed. One of these may do what you want.
I found that this message comes from the file: /yourwiki/inc/lang/en/index.txt It took me forever to find it but you can change it to whatever you like or delete the text in it altogether (that's what I did). loachapoka 2009/10/12 14:14
When a file called sidebar exists in any namespace, or in a higher namespace, it is used in place of the normal index in the contents box. You can not display both in the same box. You can, of course, still select the Index option from the commands box and see the index that way. See The sidebar.
I hope that this is enough information for you. — Don Bowman 2009/02/03 14:20

This is a terrific update to the look of the template!

One small issue with the haze color scheme (which is quite nice, BTW). After making changes on the Configuration Settings screen, an alert box tells you “Settings updated successfully.” In the haze color scheme, that box is yellow on bright green and very hard to read. — Grant Root 2009/04/02 11:50

It looks like this box always comes with a default green background. If you edit design.css and search for div.success you will see that there is a color: attribute but not a background-color:. I have inserted one with the value __text_alt__ and it looks good in the various schemes. I will include this in the next version. — Don Bowman 2009/04/03 23:02

Has anyone else had poor luck with the styling of footnotes? For me (and hopefully behavior is consistent as it should be) there is no style associated, and the in-page footnote just inherits the style of the body text. This makes it unreadable. I have added the following to design.css to improve readability:

div.insitu-footnote {
  border: 1px solid __border__;
  background-color: white;
  vertical-align: middle;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  font-size: 10px;
  color: black;

I'm sure that there are better ways such as using a templated color for the background, but it's a start. — Timothy Hoppen 2009/04/07 22:00

It looks like there has never been an entry in design.css for div.insitu-footnote. The original version was probably too old and I never noticed that it was not there. In fact I only learned about insitu footnotes after reading this comment. There is another updated version on the way and I will include a suitable CSS entry. — Don Bowman 2009/04/20 22:05

Version 0.4.1b (2005-10-22)

The following comments relate to version 0.4.1b (2005-10-22). Most of the changes mentioned have been incorporated in some form in the 2009-01-26 version. Please add any comments relating to the new version in the section above. — Don Bowman 2009/02/01 15:09

Please feel free to add any comments, suggestion or questions regarding this template here. Please sign your comments using the toolbar button as can be seen here: — ChristopherArndt 2005-09-28 04:08

I cannot get the Trace to work. I tried and tried, but nothing shows up. Have a look: . Is it broken with the latest version of DokuWiki? $conf['rb_youarehere'] is set to true… help! — TonyMobily 2006-05-11 03:08 » I had the same problem, it turns out that I could only get it to work by turning on $conf['breadcrumbs'] on $conf['rb_youarehere'] — Chris Phillips 2006-08-16 08:56

If you expect the search index to continue working, add the following line right before the end body tag in main.php.

<?php tpl_indexerWebBug()?>

AlexWest 2006-05-10 10:56

I've made the same changes that you for my personal wiki on a local host.

* Using the sidebar (thank' to ChrisS)

* Using the tag line (thanks to Jan)


* Separating contents and command in the sidebar


* Using ButtonsCommands only for register user

Check! (since version 0.2b)

[removed example code here, since this is now supported by roundbox]

* Using Plugins hr, Searchindex and Gallery (thanks for their respective author)
These are independent of the template. Install via Extension manager
ChristopherArndt 2005-10-02 03:42

Comment concerning youarehere: “Replace breadcrumbs with a hierarchical navigation path.”

you don't need to use that tip !

In the last version the code allow you to select if you want hierarchical breadcrumbs or no (see the file main.php in /lib/tpl/default)
    <?php if($conf['breadcrumbs']){?>
    <div class="breadcrumbs">
      <?php tpl_breadcrumbs()?>
      <?php //tpl_youarehere() //(some people prefer this)?>
    <?php }?>
I have to disagree. The tpl_youarehere() function in the distribution doesn't do exactly what I want and there was no way to enable it from the configuration (as is possible with this template), only by editing main.php in the template. The version, which I included in my template, also links namespaces to namespace:index as explained on the page linked above. — ChristopherArndt 2005-09-28 14:24

* Bug ? I unzipped the package in the tpl directory and make the change in local.php. I actually use sidebar template and it works well. With 'roundbox', It gives me he following error :
 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tpl_pagetitle() in /home/jpg/public_html/iufmjpgwiki/lib/tpl/roundbox/main.php on line 43
Then I tried to copy the code of the function (taken from sidebar package) and it works but now I've got another error
This function should be in inc/template.php (starting at about line 816). Please make sure, you use an up-to-date version of DokuWiki.
 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tpl_indexerwebbug() in /home/jpg/public_html/iufmjpgwiki/lib/tpl/roundbox/main.php on line 226
Do I correct again or I misunderstood something ? Thanks for help. — jpgnews1 at ouvaton dot org 2005-10-16 20:00
Sure it is tpl_indexerWebBug()!? This function too, is only present in fairly new versions of DokuWiki. If you don't have it, you can remove the call to that function safely, but search indexing won't work anymore then. — ChristopherArndt 2005-10-17 11:57

* I'm using several namespaces below each other, e.g. customers:Company1:Project1:startpage . The navigation will not change when I click namespaces, only when I click the real page. To get the navigation follow namespaces change the following in sidebar.php, function html_sidebar:
  global $IDX;   // Add this at beginning of html_sidebar
// in "else" change this...
  html_index('.');   //remove this
  html_index($IDX);  // and insert this line instead

Andreas Nyholm 2005-10-17 00:50

Ok, I'll check this out and include in the next release if it works. You should probably report this issue to the author of the sidebar template as well. — ChristopherArndt 2005-10-17 12:06
Well using this design at - thanks Chris
Nice! I added a new section listing sites, which use this templates — ChristopherArndt 2005-11-13 00:49

I believe that the moz-border line around line 33 in sidebar.css should be removed. It makes the sidebar corners rounded, overriding the conf.php setting. When the line is removed, things work as they should, for me.
You're absolutely right. I've no idea why that line is still there :-( I'll remove that in the next release — ChristopherArndt 2005-11-06 04:27
Fixed in version 0.4.1b — ChristopherArndt 2005-11-13 00:49

The plugin's manager's design is broken by this template… Err747,

You mean that the horizontal line at the end of the page? To fix this add “clear: both;” to the style definition of the “toplink” class in “design.css”. In will incorporate this fix into the next release — ChristopherArndt 2005-11-26 22:55
Yes, I mean that the horizontal line at the end of the page. Thanks for your help, it is good now. — err747 2005-12-10 23:12

For some reason the “Subscribe Changes” link is broken for me in this template. I'm seeing “[unknown link type]”. The only reason I know which link it's looking for is the screenshot above. Not sure what is parsing this info to gather the links. Any help would be appreciated. =G=

whups…missed the footnote…what would need to be done to fix for 09/22/2005 version?
OK…works fine when “rb_uselinks” is false (i.e., use buttons). =G= 2006-01-02

In the latest dev release the template looks great except 2 things. Table of contents is broken and the goto & search boxes aren't on the same bar (they're aligned vertically). I've tried and I can't seem to turn the goto box off in the template config. (i know this is what I get for bleeding edge, I updated for other reasons.) Chris 2006-01-25

Answering my own question. I've been trying to compare against the default TOC to figure out how to get it to look right. I've managed to fix most of the glaring problems problems but it's still not perfect. It looks like the major difference is they've renamed some entities i.e. tocinside is now toc__inside.
Two things I added to fix the Table of contents. Both are changes in the roundbox/design.css file. Fist change the #tocinside to #toc__inside (actually I cut and pasted a new one and left the old one there) then change the toctoggle to toc__toggle. I did not change the docheader or toctoggle img entries. Thumper 2006-04-17

TOC issue - Possible solution I guess many of you have already found it; anyway I'm sending the way I solved the Table of Contents issue of roundbox's version 0.4.1b. The correction must be done in default.css in the template's directory. What I write below is what I found out comparing the design.css files in the roundbox and DokuWiki's default templates. I would gladly upload the design.css I'm using, to avoid being to descriptive in here, but apparently I don't have uploading privileges.

  1. Firstly, I followed Chris's and Thumper's instructions and changed #tocinside to #toc__inside as well as #toctoggle to #toc__toggle (take notice of the double underscore between the words).
  2. Then I noticed that the default template's CSS uses the div.dokuwiki prefix in all TOC entries. So, everywhere I added this prefix (e.g. div.toc was changed to div.dokuwiki div.toc). I'm not sure if that really makes a differences, however, it does not seem to harm… and seems ok.
  3. What must finally be the problem is the spacing/margin settings for the tocheader and tocheader img elements.

For all practical purposes I'm sending the whole correct design.css part concerning the TOC (feel free to edit it or copy it to a design.css to upload it here, instead of all this code):

/* ---------- table of contents ---------- */
div.dokuwiki div.toc {
  margin-left: 2em;
  margin-top: 1.2em;
  margin-bottom: 0;
  width: 200px;
  font-size: 80%;
  clear: both;
div.dokuwiki div.tocheader {
  padding: 3px;
  border: 1px solid #8cacbb;
  background-color: #dee7ec;
  text-align: left;
  font-weight: bold;
  margin-bottom: 2px;
div.dokuwiki div.tocheader img{
  cursor: pointer;
div.dokuwiki div.toc__toggle {
  float: right;
  margin-top: 0.3em;
  margin-right: 3px;
div.dokuwiki div.toc__toggle img {
  width: 0.8em;
  height: 0.8em;
div.dokuwiki #toc__inside {
  border: 1px solid #8cacbb;
  background-color: white;
  text-align: left;
  padding-top: 0.5em;
  padding-bottom: 0.7em;
div.dokuwiki ul.toc {
  list-style-type: none;
  list-style-image: none;
  line-height: 1.2em;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  padding-left: 1em;
div.dokuwiki ul.toc li {
  background: transparent url(images/tocdot2.gif) 0 0.6em no-repeat;
  padding-left: 0.4em;
div.dokuwiki ul.toc li.clear {
  background-image: none;
  padding-left: 0.4em;
div.dokuwiki a.toc {
  color: #436976;
  text-decoration: none;
div.dokuwiki a.toc:hover {
  color: black;
  text-decoration: underline;
/* ---------- diff rendering ---------- */

Now, my suggestion would be to change the TOC's colors as well, so that it would be more “compatible” to the templates colors. Something I'd propose is to set the tocheader and the toc__inside like that:

div.dokuwiki div.tocheader {
  padding: 3px;
  border: 1px solid #000000;
  background-color: #123456;
  text-align: left;
  font-weight: bold;
  margin-bottom: 2px;
div.dokuwiki #toc__inside {
  border: 1px solid #8cacbb;
  background-color: #dee7cc;
  text-align: left;
  padding-top: 0.5em;
  padding-bottom: 0.7em;

That's all. Hope some will find it useful. — Panagiotis Kapsokavadis 2006-07-13 16:16

I want it to only show the current pagename, not the entire namespace hierarchy (in the heading). How can I do this? Thanks. — Vishal Doshi P.S. The removeunderline feature doesn't seem to be working for me. Much appreciated, thank you! – Vishal Doshi

I have an idea. Perhaps someone can package up the fixes and re-release the template as “” — Gary 2006-08-4 21:30

I am using version 2006-03-09b of DokuWiki and the style div.toctoogle is working fine, not #tocinside as you have already said.

I have also made some changes of my own to the table of contents styles because it was not working properly.

div.toctoggle {
    /*float: right;*/
    margin-top: 0.3em;
    margin-right: 3px;

I have commented out the float style, it made the header an toggle to be on the right of the first title. It looked weird in that way.

I have also found that the login div was not properly centered even though it had the centering style. I get to solve the problem with the following snippet of code.

fieldset {
    width: 300px;
    text-align: center;
    border: 1px solid #8cacbb;
    padding: 0.5em;
    margin: auto; /* This is added. */

As regards the trace and youarehere feature, I preferred to have the following code in main.php in order to be able to enable both features at the same time.

  <!-- start content block -->
    <div id="content">
      <?php if($conf['breadcrumbs']) { ?>
        <div class="breadcrumbs">
      <?php // if($conf['rb_youarehere']) {
        //   echo rb_youarehere();
        // } else {
           echo tpl_breadcrumbs();
        //} ?>
      <?php }?>
      <?php if($conf['youarehere']) { ?>
        <div class="breadcrumbs">
      <?php if($conf['rb_youarehere']) {
               echo rb_youarehere();
        } else {
           echo tpl_youarehere();
      <?php }?>

With this code, both can be enabled and if rb_youarehere is true the youarehere feature is replaced with the one provided by this template.

And finally ( I hope I did not forget anything :-) ) I have changed the following line of the function rb_youarhere in roundbox.php

print hsc($lang['breadcrumb']).': ';

with the following one

print hsc($lang['youarehere']).': ';

in order to print the correct label. — diego nieto cid 2006-08-30 03:30

FIXME Does anybody know how to fix the following issue? (This only happens in IE 6, works fine in Firefox) When you resize the page and make it small the sidebar goes below the content side! all the above sites using this template have that problem. Other than that this is a great template. (After you apply the changes for the TOC, profile, etc)

Media Manager with Release Candidate 2007-05-24 (RC1)
Is anyone else having problems with the media manager with RC1 ? The layout of the media manager pop-up window is broken for me…
gedaso 2007-06-08 19:52

FIXME Does anybody know how to remove this message from the sidebar?
This is an index over all available pages ordered by namespaces.
FIXME Is there a way to have the dynamic sidebar + my own sidebar?

As this question and the answer are relevant to Version 2009-01-26 I have copied the question and provided an answer there. — Don Bowman 2009/02/03 14:05

Spring theme __background_neu__ could probably be changed to something different that would make visited links and text using default text color more visible. With default color I couldn't see visited links in tables. I use “#8aa073” which makes them visible but probably isn't the best color one could choose for this.

As this question and the answer are relevant to Version 2009-06-21 I have copied the question and provided an answer there. — Don Bowman 2011/01/02 21:00

For some reason, I ALWAYS have a message in the top of the sidebar saying “This topic does not exist yet
You've followed a link to a topic that doesn't exist yet. If permissions allow, you may create it by using the Create this page button.”
while viewing pages that DO, in fact, exist.

If it's significant, the dokuwiki installation is on centos servers at hosting, installed with Andreas/Splitbrain's dokuwiki-downloader.php installation script (nice script) just yesterday.

tony baldwin 2011/05/04 14:17

I would love to use the Evening theme but with a white and not a brown background Can anyone help me do this?:-/ regards Marc

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