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2006-03-09, 2014-09-29d "Hrun"

template The SXS template is based on the Roundbox template

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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By Mike

:!: orphans (no contact mail given) :!:

The SXS template is based on the Roundbox template. It is a style modification, and an update for compatibility with the most recent version of DokuWiki. It uses a sidebar and includes a PSD file for a custom header bar graphic.

FIXME This template has been moved from older namespace. It may be no longer maintained.

LOL A new theme has been added to the roundbox template based on this template. It is not exactly the same but it is a fairly good match. — Don Bowman 2009/06/23 11:55

Download and Install

Click here to download the template.


  1. Unpack the zip file into the /lib/tpl/ directory.
  2. In /conf/local.php set $conf['template'] = 'sxs';
  3. If you so desire, you can edit the following files:
    1. lib/tpl/sxs/conf.php: Obvious configuration choices, including title.
    2. lib/tpl/sxs/topheader.html: Change the alt text, the links, and the name of your site home page.
    3. lib/tpl/sxs/images/title_bar.psd: Using Photoshop or GIMP, change the text, and save to lib/tpl/sxs/images/title_bar_wiki.jpg


Screenshot of sxs Template This is template is more-or-less a copy of the Roundbox template, though I think I've totally dropped the roundness feature. Colors are changed, and the appearance is different in a few ways. Most importantly, this works quite nicely with (my version of) the 2006-03-09b release of DokuWiki.

This template uses a sidebar. Apparently, we're required to use the phrase “yet another” any time a sidebar template is introduced, so there you go.

I've included the file images/title_bar.psd, which can be edited in Photoshop or GIMP. By editing the text, and saving to title_bar_wiki.jpg in that directory, you can have your own text there.

There are also various obvious features that you will want to change, like the tagline (in conf.php), the title bar graphic and home link (in topheaders.html), the available links (in conf.php).

Compatible browsers

SXS works reasonably well in the following browsers:

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Non-compatible browsers



This template borrows very heavily from Chris Arndt's Roundbox template. I think I've pretty much dropped support for his roundness feature, though.

Revision List

  • 2006-06-18 — initial version



I am not sure, but I think there is a bug if you configure: $conf['sxs_sidebar_orientation'] = 'left'. The sidebar is also on the right side. I don´t find a possibility to put it on the left side.

Feature Requests

FIXME Can we have the search functionality added to this template? It's an important part of the wiki, I would think.

Suggested Fix: Add the searchform line to main.php, in the “user info” block as shown below

      <!-- start user info -->
      <div class="user">
        <?php tpl_searchform()?>&nbsp;
        <?php tpl_userinfo() ?>
      <!-- end user info -->

provided by biz:CD

FIXME Title reads Physics Wiki, instead of the title from config.php


Incidentally, people are sometimes scandalized by the name “SXS”, for whatever reason. It stands for “Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes”, which is the name of my research group.

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