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Translation2 plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Displays flags which link to different language versions of the page.

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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How to install

open main.php of your template (for example lib/tpl/default/main.php) insert this line at the top of the script <PHP> plugin_load('action','translation2'); </PHP>

How it works

This plugin depends on the jquery. It uses the JQUERY_READY hook to add a set of country flags to the top bar. This way you don't have to modify any template. These flags are linked to namespaces according to their 2-letter language code.

This way, you can easily provide translated versions of your pages. (Already translated languages are shown 60% visible, whereas non-translated languages are shown 30% visible.)

The English page is currently shown and there's a German translation available. Belgian is not yet translated (less visible than the German flag).

The shown flags can be configured in the Configuration Manager.

It basically works the same way as the original Translation plugin.


[xtian, 22 July 2009] When the translation for the browser language doesn't exist, the plugin shows the default language page (which is good) but clicking on the selected flag (the browser language flag is selected, not the default language flag) is uneffective, so a user can't add a page in the browser language (which should be what all translators do).

[ulco, 22 July 2009] It seems that this plugin doesn't work with the monobook template. As far as I can figure out the flags are linked to an entity which not exists in that template and therefore the flags don't show up.

[xtian, 23 July 2009] I confirm what ulco says: doesn't work in monobook. I modified action.php changing "bar__topleft" with “siteNotice P” and the flags now appear in the siteNotice. Not very elegant but quick :-\ See the outcome in my VilloNanny wiki

[V-12, 18 December 2009] This plugin works for sure on default template. I've tried to run it on others, like lilas, battlehorse and terre and I couldn't see any flags on the screen. Anyone can provide a list of templates on which ones this plugin works well? Or any ideas how to have it working on lilas for example?

[marble, 7 July 2010] Initially it doesn't work for incognitek template. I've also modifed action.php changing 'bar__topleft' with 'breadcrumbs'. But I've noticed that there are still a couple of things which is not translated such as the search button, the show page button etc. Any idea how to do it?


Please implement an option like suggested for translation too “no pages in the top namespace and all languages in sub namespaces”, or please describe how to configure your plugin manually for that. Sincerely Rolf Hemmerling 2009-10-11 12:00

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