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skipentity Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Creates monospaced text without processing entities as well as other markup

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Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


DokuWiki enables the configuration of various text combinations for conversion into HTML entities. For instance:

  • <-> becomes ↔
  • (c) becomes ©

This plugin uses a very simple syntax to prevent these conversions conversions, in monospaced text, by replacing DokuWiki's double apostrophes with double backward apostrophes (or backquotes), so that:

  • ``(c)`` becomes (c)
  • ``<->`` becomes <->

This syntax replaces DokuWiki's native markup for monospace text, giving monospaced text while preserving, as literals, combinations that would otherwise be converted to entities.

The functionality of this plugin goes beyond preserving entity literals, since it will convert to literals any markup found inside the backquotes. So, for instance, if you wish to add an example from the wrap plugin, this:

``<WRAP center round box 60%> simple centered box </WRAP>``

will give you this: <WRAP center round box 60%> simple centered box </WRAP>

Full Syntax

The Double Backquote syntax

The plugin comes with a toolbar icon:

The user selects the relevant text, clicks on the icon, and the text will be enclosed within a pair of backquotes:


In its default configuration, everything contained within the backquotes is treated as literal.

However, there is a configuration option1), which will enable formatting but with one exception: the entity text itself or any text meant to be literalized cannot be included within the DokuWiki formatting markup.

``**this is bold but exclude the** entity text **from the bold markup**``

This will give you:
this is bold but exclude the (c) from the bold markup.

Otherwise you will get:
this is bold but exclude the © from the bold markup.

If you wish to apply DokuWiki formatting to the entire selection, you can do this by placing the formatting external to the skipentity markup. So to make the entire selection bold, you can do this:

**``this is a text with the (c) copyright entity``**

This would give you: this is a text with the (c) copyright entity. This is the same technique as you would use with links: **[[start|start]]**.

Triple Backquotes Syntax

If you use three backquotes, instead of two, the selected text will remain True Type (monospaced) but the background shadowing and coloring will be removed, so that you will get a text which is black on white, or more accurately, the color of your template's font-color setting, and the color of its background-color setting. So ```this is (c) text``` will give you:
this is (c) text
instead of this is (c) text.

It is very much like using <nowiki>text</nowiki> or %%text%%, except that the font treatment will be True Type.

Extra toolbar icons

If you plan to use the triple backquotes format frequently, you can set the skipentity multiple configuration option to true. This will add two toolbar icons that pop up when you click on the main skipentity icon, one for the double backquotes and one for the triple:

The left-hand icon is the triple and the right is the double backquotes.


allow_formatsAllow Dokuwiki formatting syntax inside skipentity markup
multipleEnable toolbar icons for both double and triple back-ticks; this gives you a choice between using your template's TrueType styling (double ticks) and TrueType with styling removed (triple ticks). See triple_backquotes_syntax
xcl_formatsWhen set to true, this setting enables you to exclude selected formats from those which are allowed when the allow_formats option is set to true

Notes on xcl_formats

  • In the xcl_formats choices, emphasis and strong refer respectively to italic and bold
  • Some users have found that allowing italic (emphasis) formatting interferes with url markup. Therefore, the xcl_formats option can remove italic from the allowed formats, which is in fact the default setting.

Change Log


Use either the forum or GitHub issues.

allow_formats; this option is turned off by default
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