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showfile plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Devel only

plugin A basic plugin to display the content of files present on the server's disks

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Security warning (please read plugin security guidelines): This extension exposes information that might be valuable to a hacker. It is not recommended in a public installation.

Similar to source, src

Tagged with code, display, file, include

:!: This plugin should never be used in an open environment as it allows to read arbitrary files from the webserver, including security sensitive files like /etc/passwd, .htaccess or DokuWiki's own conf/users.auth.php :!:

NOTE: I can't see what advantages this has over the source plugin. Amongst other things the source plugin includes:

  • security options to restrict the files that can be displayed, and
  • provides dependency checking to work with DokuWiki's caching, thereby allowing the rendered wiki page to be cached.

Christopher Smith 2008/05/14 03:38

:!: Link is down – 2011-02-23/O.Geisen

A basic plugin for displaying file contents, for file located on the server's disks. It's a first time experiment as DokuWiki plugin developer and the plugin was developed in like 10 minutes … so feel free to improve …

Of course the files must be readable by the Apache user or group for the content to be displayed.



There is a dedicated Trac at :

FIXME The link is not accessable




  • /var/log/messages.log is the file to display ;)

It is recommended (mandatory) to add the ~~ NOCACHE ~~ directive to have the content refreshed each time the page is displayed.

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