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plugin Includes a source uploaded file using the GeSHi highlighter

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By DenisVS


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


A simple sample:

{{src -f file.php}}

Full format:

{{src -f :windows:cmd:check_app.cmd -l cmd -e CP866 -p 4:12}}


Basic Unix-like syntax:

{{src -param1 value1 -param2 value2}}

-param can be one of this:

  • -f — path to file in wiki format. If basename present only, default search in current namespace.
  • -l — language, compatible with GeSHi highlighter. E.g. “php”, “cpp”, “java”.
  • -e — source file encoding, compatible with PHP. E.g. CP866, CP1251.
  • -p — position in start:end format as line numbers.

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Any problems, bugs or improvements should be posted here.

NOTE: If someone find a critical incompatibility, please notify me via E-mail with the name of the plug-in in the subject, so I will be much faster to reply and solve the issues. Thank you!

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