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searchform Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2024-02-06 "Kaos" yes
  • 2023-04-04 "Jack Jackrum" yes
  • 2022-07-31 "Igor" yes
  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" yes

plugin Adds the search form to any page. Namespace configurable.

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Similar to confsearch, datasearchform

Tagged with form, search


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


To include a searchform in any page you add the syntax:


It will show a search box that searches default in the namespace where that page is.

To perform searches in other namespaces you add the option ns=<your:namespace> or -ns=<namespace:skipped>

{searchform ns=wiki}
{searchform ns=}
{searchform ns=other:namespace}
{searchform -ns=exclude:namespace}

These boxes searches respectively in wiki:, all namespaces or in the subnamespace other:namespace. The last one does not search in exclude:namespace.


This plugin reuses the layout of the quick search field at the top of the page. For the default 'dokuwiki' template this works fine. Maybe that other templates need some improvements.

Last commits


This plugin is adopted by Klap-in in 2014.


  • The searchform searches default in the namespace of the page where it is included
  • or searches the namespace given by syntax option ns=<your:namespace>
  • Multiple searchforms at one page are possible
  • Reformatting and refactoring of the code

Previous release by Adolfo González Blázquez, last updated at 2008-10-10:

  • available as first commit 201f22cfb4 of this fork
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