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Imagereference Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Creates numbered references to images/tables in your text by unique reference names. Supports also LaTeX output. (previous authors: Martin Heinemann, Christian Moll)

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This syntax plugin enables the creation of image captions in MediaWiki style and additionally create in-text references to these images. I created this plugin because we are using DokuWiki for software user manuals and we were missing the caption and image reference from LaTeX to refer to figures in your text.

Supports also renderer/export mode 'latex'.


Example syntax of caption and reference:

<imgcaption label|John Doe>{{:wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}</imgcaption>

The Dokuwiki image can be seen in <imgref label>.

Are displayed as:
Example of a caption and a reference



An image or table caption

<imgcaption mynewimg| This is my little caption>{{:my_image.png}}</imgcaption>
<imgcaption mynewimg2>{{:my_image.png|Title of the image is set in the caption if not set in caption yet}}</imgcaption>
<tabcaption tablelabel| This is my other caption>
^ Heading 1      ^ Heading 2       ^ Heading 3          ^
| Row 1 Col 1    | Row 1 Col 2     | Row 1 Col 3        |


You can refer to the <imgcaption> and <tabcaption> objects by using

<imgref mynewimg>
<tabref tablelabel>
<tabref ns:otherpage#nicetable>
<imgref :pageinroot#bigimage>

mynewimg, tablelabel and nicetable are the labels of the caption object. You need to use an unique label for each image. They are filtered and counted and the <imgref> and <tabref>tag will create a link to its referred object. When the object is on another page you needs to prefix it by the namespace, pagename and a # e.g. ns:otherpage#nicetable. The created links looks like:

figure 1
table 1
table 5
figure 3

What about ## numbers?

When a reference name is not found, Fig. ## or table ## will be displayed. Please check whether your chosen reference name is correct or exists.



The default alignment for <imgcaption> is inline. (At the moment <tabcaption> will always appear as a page width block, future improvements will add hopefully alignment as well.)

You can set the alignment of an imgcaption:

<imgcaption image1       | Inlined caption&img>...</imgcaption>
<imgcaption image1 left  | Left floating caption&img>...</imgcaption>
<tabcaption image1 right | Right floating caption&img>...</tabcaption>
<imgcaption image1 center| Centered block caption&img>...</imgcaption>

When <imgcaption> has no alignment specified, but when the enclosed image has, this image alignment is used.

Custom classes

Beside the alignment classes (left, right and center) of this plugin, you can also add your own classes, which you can use in your own CSS customisations.

<imgcaption image1 specialcaptionclass |Special layout>...</imgcaption>
<tabcaption image1 left otherclass     |Nice>...</tabcaption>


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


Thanks a lot to the box plugin by Christopher Smith. And Martin Heinemann for maintenance of previous plugin version.


  • 2014/3/11 Implements suggestion: Move target of the references to top of image/table, instead of the caption at the bottom of image/table.
  • 2014/2/4 Added support for Graphviz plugin
  • 2013/8/10 Fix numbering in preview. Some fiddling with wrapper of images/tables.
  • 2013/11/03 Added referring to captions on other pages.
  • 2013/21/01 Rewritten metadata handling. Added <tabcaption..|..> and <tabref>. Floats similar to images. — Now maintenance by Klap-in
  • 2012/09/04 Well, after a few years i updated the plugin to work with the recent dokuwiki version. The code moved to github: If you experience any problems, do not hesitate to open a github issue. I tried to fix several problems that were written on this wiki page. For a changelog see milestone 1
  • 2008/09/11 Czech localisation added. Thanks to Jiri Vejda. Small bugfix in JavaScript. The toolbar buttons are now visible.
  • 2008/09/11 localisations for English, french and German added. Toolbar buttons for creating the caption and references.
  • 2008/08/13 included a small JavaScript which sets the right width of the box according to the image size. Also little modifications in style and syntax!


Please report new bugs on the issuetracker on Github.

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