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plugin Add navigation links to previous and next page at the top and bottom of wiki page

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Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


The syntax defines which pages are referred to as previous and next pages. A start page or page with an overview can be provided in between.

<- namespace:previous_page ^ namespace:startpage ^ namespace:next page ->

or, alternatively, only different syntax (for example needed in combination with ckgedit plugin)

<< namespace:previous_page ^ namespace:startpage ^ namespace:next page >>

And at the start page an auto-generated table of contents can be put using

<doctoc start= yournamespace:firstpage>


Urls are shown with default link names derived from url or useheading setting.


Urls are shown with the given names.

<-previous|Your previous page^startpage|Overview^other_page|Navigate to next page ->

Example of navigation added by the DocNavigation Plugin. Here the useheading config is enabled such that the page headings are used as link name. Page with navigation links

Table of contents generated from linked pages

A Table of Contents of the linked pages can be created with <doctoc optionname=value[, more=..]>.

<doctoc start=firstpage, includeheadings=2-3>

possible options:

Option Description
start=<pageid> Pageid of the first page with page navigation, if left out the page navigation is searched on the current page.
includeheadings=<topheading>-<maxheading>Includes the given heading levels of a page in the table of content. e.g 2-3 Default: 2 (levels are numbered from 1 to 5)
hidepagelink=<0 or 1> Hide the page links, but shows default the first two levels of the table of content. With includeheadings setting the number of levels can be changed. If only includeheadings is used, the page links are shown, which can result in duplicated titles if level 1 is shown.
useheading=<0 or 1> Overrules the 'navigation' case of the useheading setting.


Change Log

Bugs and feature requests

Please report all your bugs and feature requests at the issue tracker.

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