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Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Include syntax highlighted source code from code repositories

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Conflicts with

Go to the Google Code Repo-Plugin homepage for more info.

The documentation for this plugin is scant and the examples at Google Code no longer work. But there is now an update that deals with the fatal error which causes the plugin to crash. See — turnermm 2020-05-31 15:42

Github Access

This plugin has now been updated to access github repos under the name of repo_git. It loads into the same directory. URL:

To install, copy and paste the above url into the manual tab of the DokuWiki Extension Manager.


No longer works as originally designed because of major changes to the github web site.

Format of the url

To access a single file:

To access a repo


{{repo>[url] [cachetime]|[title]}}
[url] base URL of the code repository required
[cachetime] how often the cache should be refreshed;
a number followed by one of these chars: d for day, h for hour or m for minutes;
the minimum accepted value is 10 minutes
default is 4 hours
[title] a string to display as the base path of the repository optional;
default is the actual URL of the repository

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report bugs or feature requests at the Bug tracker.

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