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plugin The Feed Plugin is a helper plugin that generates RSS and Atom feeds for other plugins.

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blog, discussion, editor, tag, task

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This plugin creates feeds with content from other plugins. To let you show your wiki users that they can use the RSS feed, it includes a syntax for displaying an link to your feed with nice RSS-icon.

The feed is cached. The caching respects the general rss update interval time.


Print a link to your feed with RSS icon.

[component] plugin component for which the feed is destined required
[namespace] the namespace for which you want a discussion thread list;
: is the top namespace,
. is the same namespace as the page lies in,
* the whole wiki
[option] depends on plugin / component, see supported feeds below mostly optional
[title] Title shown in the RSS-Link on the wiki page optional

Supported Feeds

Plugin Component Option
Blog blog Number of blog entries to include in feed
(deprecated, see discussion below)
optional; default is $conf['recent']
Discussion comments Number of comments to include in feed optional; default is $conf['recent']
Discussion threads Number of discussion thread pages to include in feed optional; default is $conf['recent']
Editor editor User ID, user group or IP address as in Editor Plugin required
Tag topic Tag as in topic component of Tag Plugin required
Task tasks View filter as in tasks component of Task Plugin optional; default is open


Including the syntax will print an url to your RSS-feed. This url can be used by visitors in their RSS-reader to follow your feed.

Possible usage of the syntax:

{{blogfeed>blog|Blog Entries}}
{{blogfeed>blog?20|Blog Entries}}

{{commentsfeed>mynamespace|Individual Comments}}
{{commentsfeed>mynamespace?25|Individual Comments}}

{{threadsfeed>namespace|Recent discussion threads}}
{{threadsfeed>namespace?15|Recent discussion threads}}

{{editorfeed>.?user|Pages edited by 'user'}}

{{topicfeed>*?cloud|Tagged «Cloud»}}

{{tasksfeed>projects|Open tasks}}
{{tasksfeed>projects?overdue|Late tasks}}

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report bugs or feature requests at the Bug tracker.



2016-12-21: Please change the rss image to get the side-logo like:

feed.php line:105m, from, to

#$image->url = DOKU_URL . "lib/images/favicon.ico";
$image->url = DOKU_URL . "lib/exe/fetch.php?media=wiki:logo.png";

As of DokuWiki 2008-04-11 DokuWiki has its own full HTML feed and we recommend to use it instead of this plugin to generate the blog feed. This component will be removed from the plugin a in couple of months from now
Michael Klier 2008/04/20 21:20

It has not been removed and there are likely no plans to do so. Besides DokuWiki's HTML feed is still lacking in some ways (cf. 2765). — Andreas Schamanek 2013/04/21 11:55
Please don't remove the blogging feed just yet. It works better for blog articles that are nested in many namespaces — Drye Kindrew 2008/11/13 08:00
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