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Task Plugin

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plugin Integrates a simple task management tool into your wiki

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Syntax, Helper, Action
feed, pagelist

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to agenda, gtd, structtasks

Tagged with task, todo

Needed for feed

Usage / Components


~~TASK:[user]?[due date][priority]~~
[user] person responsible for this task – either user or full name optional; default is unassigned
[due date] date the task should be completed in YYYY-MM-DD form; if only year or year and month are given, the last day is assumed optional; default is without due date
[priority] low, medium !, high !! or critical !!! expressed with 0 to 3 exclamation marks optional; default is low priority

Place ~~TASK~~ on any page to mark it as a task. The title (first heading) is considered to be the summary of the task, the contents its description. For every task, there is a new page needed.

If a task is unassigned, any registered user of the wiki can accept it. Once a task is taken, the user to whom it is assigned to can change the status of the task to one of these values:

  • rejected – task is not worthwhile or not accepted by user
  • new – reassign task so somebody else can take it
  • accepted – user took over task but did not yet start the work
  • started – work on task started
  • done – work on task completed

If the task is done, other users can verify whether it's really done. If yes, the status can be set to verified.

The priority is reflected by the intensity of the orange shade of the task box.

Next to the title of the task box is an icon. It links to download an .ics file for the task. That can be imported by almost any calendar application that understands the VTODO component of the iCalendar standard.

Tasks (Overview)

[namespace] the namespace to look for tasks required
[view] one of the views, see here optional; default is open
[flags] pagelist flags delimited by &, see flags optional


all all tasks
open all task that are new, not yet done (or rejected) if assigned to me or not yet verified if assigned to someone else
my only my open tasks
new new tasks not yet assigned to anybody
done completed but not yet verified tasks
due all open tasks with a due date of today
overdue all open tasks with a due date in the past
select adds a combo box which lets the user select the status from a drop down list


noform Don't show the new task form
nouser Don't show the user
nocomments Don't show the Discussions (from Discussion plugin)
nodesc Don't show the descriptions, the content inside the page
nodate Don't show the date
notags Don't show the tags

Demo & Screenshots


Try this plugin at here FIXME




Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report bugs and feature requests at the Bug Tracker.

Hacks/Mods & Discussions

Please refer to the external page Hacks/Mods & Discussions.

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