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dtable Plugin

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plugin Simplify managing DokuWiki tables by adding intuitive GUI

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Similar to data, edittable

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This plugin allows you to use dokuwiki tables using simple ajax GUI. Every table change is saved in dokuwiki as the new page revision so now you don't need to worry when you accidentally change or remove some table rows.(as it was in old dtable). The plugin additionally manages page locks so you don't need to worry that someone can damage your work by using the same page pararelly with you. I've also decided to change all new line chars that appears in textareas to “\\” so now you won't destroy your table when you accidentally insert some new lines to it.

To add, edit or remove records just click with the right mouse button on the table. To send the form in the table just doubleclick somwhere in the page. Only logged in users can modify the table.

Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Syntax and Usage

Just put your dokuwiki table between <dtable></dtable> tags. Ex.:

^Header 1^Header 2^

Known issues

  • Remember to always insert an empty line after the </dtable> tag.
why? What happens otherwise?


  • all_tables - EXPERIMENTAL turn all tables into dtables. I recommend not to use this option now because sometimes it can behaves very strange. But I think that I know how to repair this, so please be patient ;-)


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