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filterrss Plugin

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plugin Display RSS feed using simple filters

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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This plugin aims to create elastic and highly customisable rss feed reader plugin which will also be easy to use. The main advantage of this plugin is possibility of filtering rss results and changing the way how they are they displayed.


See all below examples in action here.

Basic usage is quite simple. In order to just display all the feed's entries, just type:


Now let's use rss filters. For example display only the entries younger than 2012-12-12:

[filterrss pubDate>2012-12-12]

Now more complexed example. Let's display entries younger than 2012-12-12 and additionaly that contains Linux in their title:

[filterrss pubDate>2012-12-12 && title="%Linux%"]

Plugin also support sorting. If you want to sort rss feeds by it's titles:

[filterrss ORDER BY title]

Decresing sorting is also supported:

[filterrss ORDER BY date DESC]

You can of couse connect filtering and sorting to get only rss entries that you want to:

[filterrss pubDate>2012-12-12 && title="%Linux%" ORDER BY title]

Plugin also support LIMIT parameter which allows you to limit rss feed to given number of entries:

 [filterrss LIMIT 5]

The above example will display 5 entries. The LIMIT should always be at the end of options string. So when you using ORDER BY the syntax would look like this:

[filterrss ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 10]


[filterrss url condition1 && condition2 && condition3 ORDER BY filed DESC/ASC]
  • url – the url to rss feed. Ex.
  • contition – filter to be used over the feed. Currently there are 4 rss feed attributes suported in the contitions:
    • pubDate – the publication date of the entry. Date to compare should be given in an format recognized by PHP's strtotime function. Ex. pubDate>=2012-05-02 (when I was writing this doc I've realized that it should be also possible to use relative date in here such as 1 month, 1 year etc. I will add it soon.)
    • title – the title of the entry. Of course you can use only equal operation here(ex. title="My project"). The comparsion string can be quoded by " or ' or nothing if it doesn't contain any spaces. You can use percent sign here (%) which represents 0 or more chars. You can use it in order to find rss entries that contains something it the title. For ex. this condition is finding all rss etries that contains Linux in their titles: title="%Linux%"
    • description – description of the entry. The rules are the same as for the title.
    • link - link of rss entry. The rules are the same as for the title.
  • ORDER BY filed_name – it's optional and allows you to sort feeds in the diffirent order that they appear in XML. filed must be one of condition fileds. After the filed you can put DESC to show the entries in reverse order.(If you want you can also use ASC in place of desc but it does nothing)
  • LIMIT entries_nubmer – this allows you to determine how many entries should be displayed.

Configuration and Settings

  • bbcode - if you turn on this option, the description of each entry whould be processed by bbcode parser rather than html.


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