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Ace Editor Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Lemming, Anteater, Rincewind, Angua, Adora Belle, Weatherwax, Binky

plugin Replace textarea with Ace editor

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Conflicts with
dokucrypt, dokucrypt2, fckg

This extension is marked as obsoleted. Therefore it is hidden in the Extension Manager and the extension listing. Furthermore, it is candidate for removal.

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to behave, codemirror, fckw, grensladawritezor, skydoku, wysiwyg, wysiwyg_nicedit

Tagged with !discontinued, !obsolete, ace, editing

This plugin is no longer maintained. Take a look at the CodeMirror Plugin for an editor with syntax highlighting.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

For full Ponder Stibbons support you have to search and replace getSelection and setSelection to DWgetSelection and DWsetSelection in the file build.js (see since there is no new release.



Command reference

Command PC Mac
Center selection Ctrl-L
Go to end Ctrl-End Command-End / Command-Down
Go to line Ctrl-L Command-L
Go to line end Alt-Right / End Command-Right / End / Ctrl-E
Go to line start Alt-Left / Home Command-Left / Home / Ctrl-A
Go to start Ctrl-Home Command-Home / Command-Up
Go to word left Ctrl-Left Option-Left
Go to word right Ctrl-Right Option-Right
Jump to matching Ctrl-P Ctrl-Shift-P


Command PC Mac
Select all Ctrl-A Command-A
Select to end Ctrl-Shift-End Command-Shift-Down
Select to line end Alt-Shit-Right Command-Shift-Right
Select to line start Alt-Shift-Left Command-Shift-Left
Select to matching Ctrl-Shift-P
Select to start Ctrl-Shift-Home Command-Shift-Up
Select word left Ctrl-Shift-Left Option-Shift-Left
Select word right Ctrl-Shift-Right Option-Shift-Right

Basic editing

Command PC Mac
Copy lines down Ctrl-Alt-Down Command-Option-Down
Copy lines up Ctrl-Alt-Up Command-Option-Up
Duplicate selection Ctrl-Shift-D Command-Shift-D
Indent Tab Tab
Move lines down Alt-Down Option-Down
Move lines up Alt-Up Option-Up
Outdent Shift-Tab Shift-Tab
Redo Ctrl-Shift-Z / Ctrl-Y Command-Shift-Z / Command-Y
Remove line Ctrl-D Command-D
Remove to line end Alt-Delete Ctrl-K
Remove to line start Alt-Backspace Command-Backspace
Remove word left Ctrl-Backspace Alt-Backspace
Remove word right Ctrl-Delete Alt-Delete
Split line Ctrl-O
Transpose letters Ctrl-T Ctrl-T
To upper case Ctrl-U Ctrl-U
To lower case Ctrl-Shift Ctrl-Shift-U
Undo Ctrl-Z Command-Z

Find and replace

Command PC Mac
Find Ctrl-F Command-F
Find next Ctrl-K Command-G
Find previous Ctrl-Shift-K Command-Shift-G
Replace Ctrl-R Command-Option-F
Replace all Ctrl-Shift-R Command-Shift-Option-F


Command PC Mac
Align cell to center Ctrl-Space-C Ctrl-Space-C
Align cell to left Ctrl-Space-L Ctrl-Space-L
Align cell to right Ctrl-Space-R Ctrl-Space-R
Go to next cell Tab Tab
Go to next row Enter Shift-Enter
Go to previous cell Shift-Tab Shift-Tab
Go to previous row Shift-Enter Shift-Enter
Insert row above Alt-Shift-Enter Option-Shift-Enter
Insert row below Alt-Enter Option-Enter
Move column right Alt-Right Option-Right
Move column left Alt-Left Option-Left
Remove column Ctrl-Shift-D Command-Shift-D
Remove row Ctrl-D Command-D
Toggle cell type Ctrl-Space-T Ctrl-Space-T

Configuration and Settings

The plugin can be configured using the DokuWiki configuration manager available in the admin menu.

  • default: Default editor (on/off)
  • highlight: Enable syntax highligting (on/off)
  • wraplimit: Text wrapping column limit (columns)
  • colortheme: Color theme (can be customized further by editing style.css)
  • loadjquery: Load jQuery library from Google CDN (only available in “Rincewind” and older versions of DokuWiki)
  • latex: Enable support for LaTeX plugin
  • markdown: Enable support for Markdown plugin
  • xmltags: Additional XML-like tags (list of tag names separated by commas)


Change Log

ToDo/Wish List

  • Image Hover preview.
  • Editing shortcuts for lists.
  • Personal configuration.
  • Spell checking.
  • Full screen editing mode.
  • Blinking cursor preference.



Is the default editor still available?

Yes, you can switch between the Ace editor and the default editor by clicking the “Ace” icon.

What syntax elements are highlighted?

Only syntax elements from core plugins and (optionally) LaTeX plugin are highlighted. Content inside <html>, <php> and <latex> tags is highlighted, content inside <code> and <file> tags is highlighted if its language is c, cpp, csharp, css, groovy, html, java, javascript, latex, lua, perl, php, python, ruby, scala, sql or xml.

Which browsers are supported?

We have tested the plugin successfully with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Safari and Epiphany. Older versions of Internet Explorer are not supported, a normal textarea is used instead. Opera works but there are some visualization bugs.

How to use a local copy of jQuery?

Starting from version “Angua” of DokuWiki, the included jQuery library is used.

For older versions of DokuWiki, jQuery is loaded from by default. If you want to use your own copy of jQuery disable the loadjquery setting.


To report a bug, please use the issue tracker.

For features requests or comments, use the discussion page.

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