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plugin WYSIWYG editor. JavaScript Front end to FCKeditor

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Conflicts with
aceeditor, ckgedit, comment, creole, data, mathjax, quickedit, tagentry, lisps, yalist

The following security issue was reported for this extension: The plugin contains multiple severe vulnerabilities (including remote code execution). Author has been informed 2015-11-27

It is not recommended to use this extension until this issue was fixed. Extension authors should read the plugin security guidelines

Similar to fckw, grensladawritezor, wysiwyg, wysiwyg_nicedit

Tagged with !deprecated, editing, editor, wysiwyg

Please Note (Security)

:!: fckgLite is no longer being kept current. For a current implementation, with security in place, see ckgedit. The security warning above will be an issue if you are running fckg on the open internet.

fckgLite (or fckg)

fckgLite is a Javascript implementation of the FCKeditor for DokuWiki. It is “Lite” only historically, from a time when it was being developed as an experimental alternative to the now discontinued DokuWikiFCK.

Alternate URLS for fckgLite:

The distribution on github will usually contain the most up-to-date changes. But to be guaranteed the most recent changes, check the dailies on the fckgLite web site.

Cannot be run at the same time as ckgedit; the latter must first be disabled.

Download and Installation

Download using the URL in the download link above. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Current versions of fckgLite can be installed using the plugin manager or manually. Versions prior to November 24th 2011 must be installed manually. For detailed instructions on how to install manually, see Dokuwiki's manual instructions page.

Ubuntu/Debian: For Dokuwiki versions which are pre-installed or installed using the package manager, see ubuntu_and_debian.

Important Note
If you are using a version of Dokuwiki dated before April 2011 (Anteater or earlier), do not use the plugin manager's deletion function when upgrading to a new version of fckgLite. It will delete the media directory.

IE 9+ and Firefox 6
Users of Firefox 6 and IE 9 require fckgLite version 06 or later. In addition, users of IE9 and IE 10 must run the browser in compatibility mode: see the note on browser compatibility.

IE 10
If you use IE 10, you must use a version of fckgLite having a date of March 7 2013 or later. The download button at the top of this page will also do the trick.

Download Problems?
If you ever have trouble downloading fckgLite, please try again. It definitely is online but very occasionally the web server is down. Or, download from fckgLite at gitHub. The distributions on gitHub are generally current with the latest dailies.

IE 11
Currently fckgLite does not run on IE11. For IE11, you must use ckgedit

Alternate savedir setting

If you move the savedir from the default configuration setting, you will need the savedir version of fckgLite. You can get the documentation for this on the ckgedit plugin page: alternate_save_directory.


For a list of configuration options and explanations, see:

To use this plugin with the Structured data plugin see configuration_to_use_different_editors. The same technique which is described there for ckgedit works as well for fckg.

Version 06

This version is compatible with the 'safe' encoding of file and directory names implemented in Anteater and corrected in Rincewind. See the README document and the fckgLite web site for more information.

Version 06 is also current with the jQuery changes implemented in Dokuwiki's Angua distribution.

Version 07

07 introduced the SCAYT check-as-you-type spell checker. It is based on an upgrade from FCKEditor to 2.6.6. Check the fckgLite web site and the fckgLite configuration options in the Configuration Manager for options that control SCAYT.

Version 07 has a branch with an upgraded table handling facility (see below).

Version 08

Version 08 is now available from github: Version 08 is built on the advanced table handling distribution described below. This distribution accommodates the irregular file structure of installations of Dokuwiki made with the Ubuntu/Debian package manager and should also accommodate other similar installations.

Versions of fckgLite 08 beginning with April 9 2013 require installations of Dokuwiki that come with jQuery (in other words Angua, October 2011, or later).


The fckgLite web site has a sidebar button named dailies, which links to distributions of fckgLite containing the latest fixes and features.

At certain points the distribution available from this page is the same as the latest of the dailies. This can happen when the dailies seem to have reached a stable point.


There is now a version in development which uses the CKEDitor, instead of the earlier FCKEditor. You can download it from the fckgLite web site, where you can also read about it. It also has its own Dokuwiki plugin page.

You can also get it from github.


fckgLite comes with two security models, both compatible with Dokuwiki's management of images and links. For a complete discussion of security in the fckgLite filebrowser and the latest security enhancements see the fckgLite web site. You can also check the README document that comes with fckgLite distributions.


fckgLite has an extensive web site. It covers the editor's many features, its configuration and integration with Dokuwiki, and issues in editing. There are very good finding aids, including a complete listing of all topics and a Dokuwiki Search box dedicated to the documentation.

There have been approximately 70,000 downloads of fckgLite from more than 24,000 unique IP addresses1). Over half of these downloads originate from this page, but it would be worth the effort to visit the web site and to become familiar with its facilities. There are manuals available both as ebook and pdf created from the web site's documentation:

There are several excellent ebook readers both stand-alone and plugins for Firefox and IE. See the epub Plugin for information on readers.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Blank Page After Installation

See the fckglite discussion page, where a solution to this problem is suggested.

Table Handling

There is now an upgrade to fckgLite's table handling. It is aimed at addressing requests for better parsing of complex tables, tables which use multiple col and row spans. Previously it was in a separate test distribution named ctable, but is now included in current distributions, beginning with fckgLite 08. The new table handling algorithm must be turned on; otherwise fckgLite parses tables as in previous versions. There are three ways to turn on the new algorithm:

  1. A new configuration option: complex_tables. This will cause the new table handling to be implemented for all tables on all pages.
  2. A new checkbox: Enable Complex Tables. Checking this box will enable the new algorithm for the current page. This must be checked off every time the page is edited, otherwise the earlier table parsing will be in effect.
  3. The ~~COMPLEX_TABLES~~ macro. When this macro is present the tables on the page where it appears will always use the new table parser. This macro should appear at the top of your page. It is implemented as a syntax plugin, which means that the page must be saved before it can come into effect. The way to handle this is to check off the complex tables checkbox when you first place the macro on your page. After that first use, the page will always be parsed using the table handling.

As of Version 08 of fckgLite, the ~~COMPLEX_TABLES~~ macro will automatically be inserted on pages where the complex tables checkbox has been set to true, in the event that the macro is not already in place.

Questions and Answers

Please read Asking Questions

Please use either the FckgLite mailing list or the Dokuwiki Forum. Either of these is a platform for useful discussion, where it is possible to determine if an issue has been resolved. Questions addressed to this page are not checked or answered on a regular basis and can be misleading. If I do answer, I will initial my answer as “-MT”. But, please, use the forum or the mailing list, where other regular users have the opportunity to deal with the issues.


Mailing List

You can subscribe to the fckgLite mailing list in one of two ways:

  1. sending an email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject field
  2. visiting the fckgLite page at



Please use either the mailing list or the forum. While I will leave the discussion page in place, I will not respond there. Much of it refers to old versions of fckgLite, and the format makes it difficult to know what is current, especially since posters do not date their comments and in some cases make significant changes to earlier comments, making it impossible to know where current questions begin and end. Thanks. –MT

Screen shots

Additional Illustrations

For additional illustrations of the media browser see the media page on the fckgLite web site.

Using One of these plugins?

If you are, list your site here.

I use fckgLite, but on a documentation private server of my company. Not connected to internet… PaoloG

Using it also, but in private… very nice though! –Pena

Use it, too. Private Doku for company. –Andreas

Use it for private docu. Very helpful, thank you. – Peter

Excellent plugin, we are using internally for documentation and it saves new users a lot of time. –James83, 05-11-May_23-23_49/Lemming


The Language files posted by users will now be found on a separate page. They include translations for both the fckgLite GUI and for the Dokuwiki Configuration Manger. See fckgLite Language files. If you have translations for either the fckgLite GUI or for the Dokuwiki Configuration Manager, please consider contributing them. —Thanks turnermmMyron Turner

Please note: All contributed language files are incorporated into the distribution in a timely fashion.

Direct Button to Dokuwiki Editor

When fckgLite is installed fckgLite becomes the default editor and users will have to switch over the to native Dokuwiki editor from a button found in the fckgLite editor window. If you would like to give users a choice of using the Dokuwiki editor without having to first open the fckgLite eidtor, put the following button at the bottom and/or top of main.php in one of the button bar divs.

<?php global $ID; $action = DOKU_REL . "doku.php?id=$ID"; ?>
 <form class="button btn_edit" method="post" action="<?php echo $action ?>">
<div class="no">
<input type="hidden" name="do" value="edit" />
<input type="hidden" name="rev" value="" />
<input type="hidden" name="mode" value="dwiki" />
<input type="hidden" name="fck_preview_mode" value="nil" />
<input type="submit" value="DW Edit" class="button" />

This code will create an action link:

<a href="doku.php?id=<?php global $ID; echo $ID;?>&amp;do=edit&mode=dwiki&fck_preview_mode=nil"
       class="action edit" rel="nofollow" title="DW Edit">DW Edit</a>

It can be inserted into either tpl_header.php in the Page Tools section or in main.php at a convient location. It can be used in any template.

If you are using the Dokuwiki template, below is a preferred solution. It is a user-contributed plugin to insert an action link automatically into the Page Tools of the Dokuwiki template. An important benefit of the plugin is that it is independent of the template files, making it unnecessary to re-edit them with each upgrade.

 * Action adding DW Edit button to page tools (useful with fckedit)
 * @author     Anonymous
 * @author     Kamil Demecki <>
if (!defined('DOKU_INC')) 
class action_plugin_dwedit extends DokuWiki_Action_Plugin
    function register(&$controller)
        $controller->register_hook('TEMPLATE_PAGETOOLS_DISPLAY', 'BEFORE', $this, 'dwedit_action_link');
    function dwedit_action_link(&$event, $param)
        if (!$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']) 
        global $ID;
        $event->data['items']['dw_edit'] = '<li><a href="doku.php?id=' . $ID . '&do=edit&mode=dwiki&fck_preview_mode=nil" ' . 'class="action edit" rel="nofollow" title="DW Edit"><span>DW Edit</span></a></li>';

To use this plugin create the directory lib/plugins/dwedit and insert action.php into that directory.

(This did not work and caused a nasty error output in the Detritus version of DokuWiki. — Fabricio RochaFabricio Rocha

2016-06-11 17:48)

I've been using it with ckgedit for some years now without any problems. fckgLite, by the way, is not being supported any longer.— Myron TurnerMyron Turner

2016-11-08 15:09

For other user options for direct links to the Dokuwiki native editor, see the discussion page.

Ubuntu and Debian

Beginning with version 08, a special version of fckgLite is no longer required for installations of Dokuwiki made with the Debian/Ubuntu package manager.


If you got an error message concerning fckglitesafe, you must upgrade to a current version of fckgLite or you risk corrupting your file system. See

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