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dokucrypt2 Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2017-02-19 "Frusterick Manners" yes
  • 2016-06-26 "Elenor Of Tsort" unknown
  • 2015-08-10 "Detritus" unknown
  • 2014-09-29 "Hrun" unknown

plugin A plugin to support client side cryptography.

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By Scott Moser (, maintained by Sherri W. (@SherriOnline /

:!: This replaces the: Original DokuCrypt Plugin.


This is a newly maintained version of the DokuCrypt plugin. It is fully patched for the latest version of Dokuwiki (last tested on Release 2017-02-19b “Frusterick Manners”).

The download url above is the latest one. Install via the extension manager.

Note: I have copied and updated this plugin due to it being very important for my day-to-day use. The original author hasn't touched it in years, and I hope he won't mind. 8-)


2017-06-26 04:45


2017-06-25 - I am not sure if this is needed any longer.
This plugin unfortunately requires some changes to docuwiki code to allow it to
function.  These changes are distributed as patches here.

Update required ???

After installation via 'do=admin&page=extension&tab=search&q=' from within dokuwiki I get a warning for pending update:

Update: Version 2017-06-26 steht zum Download bereit.


dokucrypt is a client side (javascript) cryptography plugin. This plugins allows a user to store and access sensitive data in a dokuwiki. All sensitive data is encrypted before it is submitted and decrypted on the clients machine. A users' sensitive data will only be accessible when viewed with a javascript enabled browser and the proper pass phrase. It will never be transmitted or stored in plain text, and you will avoid having passwords and sensitive data stored in plain text on the server.

The Javascrypt ( library is used for encryption and decryption to provide 256 Bit AES encryption.


Entering Encrypted Data

In order to encrypt some sensitive data, the user needs to add text like the following

Hi world.  I have a secret.  Can you read it?
< SECRET>I like ice cream< /SECRET>
  • Note: the space before 'SECRET' must be removed

When the user hits 'Save' (or a draft is attempted to be saved) a prompt will open, asking the user to enter a pass phrase key for the encryption. Once supplied, the encryption will be done in the browser and the encrypted text submitted to the server.

Viewing Encrypted Data

When the page is viewed, the user will see the encrypted text and a link 'Decrypt Encrypted Text' will appear which will prompt the user for a password and decrypt the text (see the example below).

The encrypted text is compatible with javascrypt decryption (

Editing Encrypted Data

To edit the encrypted data, the user needs to Edit the wiki page. When first loaded, encrypted text will appear encrypted, surrounded by <ENCRYPTED> and </ENCRYPTED> tags. To edit this text, the user needs to press the 'DecryptSecret' button between 'Save' and 'Preview', and supply the correct pass phrase. The encrypted text will be decrypted to the 'SECRET' form showed above, and the use can edit in plaintext. Submits or drafts will be encrypted before submission with the same pass phrase supplied.

Known Issues / Feature Requests

  • The password prompt box should be an actual masked password field.


  • 2017-06-25 - Fork the original plugin. Patch it up. Release for most recent DokuWiki version. Cheers!


after fresh install:

getInfo() not implemented in action_plugin_dokucrypt2 and /home/voa/htdocs/wiki/lib/plugins//dokucrypt2/ not found.
Verify you're running the latest version of the plugin. If the problem persists, send a bug report to the author of the dokucrypt2 plugin.
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