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Ace Editor Plugin discussion

I heard New version, Angua includes own jquery. Could you Aceeditor use that automatically? — erialerial

2011/11/16 01:51
It does, instead of loading it from It's now explained in the FAQ. — albertgassetalbertgasset

2011/11/16 10:21
Is it possible to add some further syntax elements like sortablejs without great expense? — vitamin.bvitamin.b

2012/02/02 15:21
No, you need to modify the source code (file scripts/ and rebuild. Maybe an option to highlight all html like tags would be useful? — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/02/06 15:49
Hm, can you link to a file which includes some user-keywords (“sortable” for “<sortable *>” for example)? While Aceeditor starts it imports this file and marked the given keywords. — vitamin.bvitamin.b

2012/02/07 15:35
Is there any chance to solve the conflict with edittable without much effort? I'd like to give my users Your fine plugin but they also need the edittable. — KarlKarl

2012/02/15 23:22
Yes, it is only a minor conflict and I've found a workaround. You can get the code from github or wait for the next release. — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/02/21 16:54
Unfortunately, this plugin disable the Firefox Spellchecker. Is there is any possibility to to reactivate it? 2012/02/21 09:47
Ace doesn't use a textarea, so browser spell checking doesn't work. It could be implemented in Javascript/PHP, added to the wishlist. — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/02/21 16:59
It could be a nice feature to config if aceeditor is used by default or on demand. For now it's only activated by default and can be disabled on-demand. mape2kmape2k

2012/04/15 11:26
Good idea, it will be in the next release. — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/04/17 09:26
Hi, i see that using Ace editor the text size in the edit area depends on the template. For example, with the new default template of Adora Belle, the text in edit area is bigger than using the Vector template. Instead, the text size in edit area doesn't change using the default editor, even with different templates. There is the way to set the text size in edit area with Ace editor? thanks — ribez, 2012/10/16
I can change the text size modifying style.css:
.ace-doku .ace_editor {
    font-size: 1.0em;

but the text size is still different between vector and new default template. At least now the text size with the new template is reasonable :-) — ribez, 2012/10/16

Yes, it was too big in the new template. Now I've changed it so it uses the font size and line height of the textarea (which depends on the template). — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/10/16 12:50
I've found that Ace editor doesn't highlight the code in Downloadable Code Blocks. For example, this piece of code is highlighted well
// Class declaration with one method.
public class GradeBook
   // display a welcome message to the GradeBook user
   public void displayMessage()
      System.out.println( "Welcome to the Grade Book!" );
   } // end method displayMessage
} // end class GradeBook

while this doesn't
// Class declaration with one method.
public class GradeBook
   // display a welcome message to the GradeBook user
   public void displayMessage()
      System.out.println( "Welcome to the Grade Book!" );
   } // end method displayMessage
} // end class GradeBook

— ribez, 2012/10/16

Fixed, it will be in the next release. — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/10/16 12:50
Thank you very much :-D — ribez
Can the Ace editor be modified to respect the cursor blink rate? In Windows this is set here: Control panel - Keyboard - Change cursor blink rate. I hate blinking cursors and have set my cursor blink rate to “None”. The regular dokuwiki editor respects that but the Ace editor does not. At least not in my Chrome browser. Using Adora Belle. – dontomp 20121110
I don't think there is a way to access system settings from client-side javascript. Ace can be set to use a non-blinking cursor, It could be implemented as a user preference, I've added to the wishlist. — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/11/19 09:32
Thanks, looking forward to seeing it implemented. :-) — dontomp 20121222

Disable Ace-Editor for Microsoft Internet Explorer

Some of my users keep using the MS-IE-8 and for such “experts” everything is to complicated, so to klick the Ace-button to switch to standard textarea. This is my dirty hack to disable the Ace-Editor for MS-IE-users:

    // initialize editor after Dokuwiki
    setTimeout(function() {
        if ($("wiki__text") && window.jQuery && window.JSINFO) {
            if (navigator.appName!="Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
    }), 0;

Just replace the part in script.js Lasse Ristig 17.Nov. 2012

Have you considered the option to disable Ace by default (on all browswers)? — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/11/19 09:32
I can't find the option to disable ace-editor by default ;-/
It's called “Default editor”
In tables there are a lot of very good and practical functions to move and delete rows and columns. But I miss a special functionality to insert a row into a table. The very awkward workaround is always to copy a row, go to the left, then insert this after the current row and finally overwrite the content. — JuergenJuergen_aus_Zuendorf

2012/11/26 20:52
I'll add a shortcut for inserting a row — albertgassetalbertgasset

2012/11/27 09:06

Sometimes table's delimiters are not highlighted

Little bug: when i have something like this

column 1
__site_width__      = "100%"
__sidebar_width__   = "14em"

the table's delimiters are not highlighted. This happens when i use the code tag with newline (CR LF) inside. — ribez 2012/12/04

Great plugin, thanks for the hard work! Also thanks Juergen for requesting a shortcut for adding rows in tables, I came here searching for that same shortcut and didn't find it, but did find the request.

I've noticed a minor annoyance– when I'm in a page editing for a while (think it's 15 minutes) the default Dokuwiki alert pops up “Your lock for editing this page is about to expire in a minute. To avoid conflicts use the preview button to reset the locktimer.”, even as I am actively entering text into Ace. I'm assuming the Javascript timeout does not notice if I'm typing in Ace– it's only been looking for keystrokes in the default textarea element. Fumigator 2012-12-31Randy Whitaker

The last release fixes these bugs, and adds the shortcut to insert rows (Alt-Enter) — albertgassetalbertgasset

2013/05/15 14:09

aceeditor under template arctic don't get a toolbar over the textarea while editing a page but only the ace-button under the textarea. Do you know this behavior? Where do I have to modify template or plugin? Seldon 2013-03-03Seldon

I've tested the arctic template and it worked for me. I've used the latest dokuwiki and template releases. — albertgassetalbertgasset

2013/05/15 14:16

Would it be possible to make the editor buttons generate the right markup? So if a .md file is opened it would generate Markdown instead of the default wiki syntax. Or did I miss anything and it should already do that with some setting? Thanks! dain 2014-01-30dain

Actually I would second this. Markdownu is now a very nice extension and works well with the common parts of Markdown in Dokuwiki. Having an editor which generated the the right headings, and links would be very nice. Thanks! jason 2014-04-27Jason

To edit in a pseudo-fullscreen add following paragraph to “…/aceeditor/style.css” :

div.editBox {
position: fixed;
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
left: 0;
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