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YouTube plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Weatherwax, Binky

plugin Plugin that creates a link or an embed object of YouTube movie.

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This extension is marked as obsoleted. Therefore it is hidden in the Extension Manager and the extension listing. Furthermore, it is candidate for removal.

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to dailymotion, dailymotion_videozap, flashplayer, flowplay, flowplay2, oembed, video, vshare

Tagged with !discontinued, !obsolete, embed, flash, media, video

Details and Download

:!: This old code won't be maintained anymore. Please use vshare or youtubev2.

iobataya 2010/12/07 00:02


This DokuWiki plugin creates a link and embed a YouTube movie in an Wiki page. User can embed movies just input the movie ID with simple syntax as same as images_and_other_files.

How to use

You can display a YouTube movie by setting the 'command' and the 'ID' code. You can align the movie object by using whitespaces before/after brackets.

{{youtube>(command):(ID code)|(title)}}


link Displays a link icon only.
small Displays a small YouTube movie.
medium Displays a medium YouTube movie.
large Displays a large YouTube movie.

ID code
You can find the ID code in the YouTube site.

You can define a title of movie by putting on a pipe '|' after ID. It's optional.

Use white spaces for alignment of YouTube movie object. Syntax is same as images.

default {{youtube>small:XXXXXX}}
right {{ youtube>small:XXXXXX}}
left {{youtube>small:XXXXXX }}
center {{ youtube>small:XXXXXX }}


Wiki syntax

{{youtube>link:MJj5XWQHUFE}}     -> Creates a link to YouTube
{{youtube>small:MJj5XWQHUFE}}    -> Creates a small movie object.
{{youtube>large:MJj5XWQHUFE}}    -> Creates a large movie object.

Alignments (same as image alignment)

{{youtube>small:MJj5XWQHUFE }}   -> Align to left
{{ youtube>link:MJj5XWQHUFE}}    -> Align to right
{{ youtube>link:MJj5XWQHUFE }}   -> Centering
  ^                        ^


  • 2008.4.5
    • Enable to set a title of movie.
  • 2008.4.4
    • Alignment of object was implemented. (Thanks, Aleksej!)
  • 2008-3-21
    • Vulnerability(XSS) was fixed.
    • An icon image was included.


Good plugin, thanks! Whether it is possible to add an opportunity to do signatures and to place window on page on the right, at the left or on the center? Something like: {{youtube>small?right:xxxxxxxxx|Comment}} — Aleksej KUZNECOV 2008/03/30 22:53

Thanks, Aleksej. The plugin was upgraded. Right/left alignment can be written like this.

%%{{ youtube>small:xxxxxxxxx}}%%
%%{{youtube>small:xxxxxxxxx }}%%

Ikuo Obataya 2008/04/04 05:47

By the way, do you want to display Comments as a text ?? — Ikuo Obataya 2008/04/04 05:54

Ver.2008-4-5 can display a title text for 'link', while a title for 'small'/'large' movie on mouse-hover. — Ikuo Obataya 2008/04/05 06:45

Yes, on my wiki I need comments always as a text. I think for movie comments are more convenient, they are always necessary not only on mouse-hover. Whether it is possible to hope, that such opportunity will appear in the following version? Thanks for version 2008-4-4,5!

Aleksej KUZNECOV 2008/04/10 21:52

Good to see this plugin is actively maintained. I use DokuWiki also as a blog. I would like to have the either the movie or a thumbnail in the RSS feed. Since my blog is announced on some planets, I always have to alert to visit the site in order to see the movie.

Thadeu Penna 2008/04/05 09:28

Hello, centering does not work for me. It seems to create a link to a image or something, wick is not found. Any clues?

Thank you,


Nice plugin! I just wanna say thank you.

Yutaka Moromizato 2010/02/23 13:21

Thanks for this - works right out of the tin in Lemming. Our first tube is “Wikis in Plain English” ,lol — Darryl, Cape Town

Not working anymore? My page shows a white empty rectange only but no movie either in Chrome or IE.

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