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NSSize Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Calculate disk usage of a namespace

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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About plugin

NSsize DokuWiki plugin calculates and displays the disk usage of a particular namespace. This plugin can display the disk space of 'pages','attic','media','media_attic','meta','media_meta','cache','index','locks' and 'tmp' directories. The last row can show sum of the directories. These displaying items are selectable in the plugin-configuration page.


#calculate from root namespace.

#calculate wiki namespace.


  • 2013.2.3
    • Source was moved to GitHub.
    • Supported the latest structure of savedir.
    • Calculation is conducted by only PHP codes to support other platform like Windows.
  • 2008.3.23
    • Italian translation was included.
  • 2007.10.7
    • modified → to calculate the whole size of cache directory


This plugin does not seem to work with my DokuWiki (version 2008-05-05) installation.

I use test syntax of:


Which I assume should calculate sizes for the root namespace? It does not also work for any other namespaces too.

One thing I think that is causing my issue is that I have my data directory stored in a separate location and have used the savedir configuration parameter to tell DokuWiki where it is.

I assume the nssize plugin does not take this in to account - thus, that it is why it is broken in my DokuWiki setup.

Looking at the code it seems it is not calculating the base data directory correctly:

$base = $this->getPwd();
$base .= "/data/";

Should it not be using $conf['savedir'] to calculate the base data directory?

Monideth Pen 2008/05/07 10:28

I made the following changes to syntax.php in the handle() function:

  • I made the $conf parameter global:
global $conf;
  • Then I changed the $base calculation:
//$base = $this->getPwd();
//$base .= "/data/";
$base = $conf['savedir'] . "/";

And that seems to have fixed it. The nssize plugin now seems to work with my DokuWiki setup where I have my data directory in a different location.

Monideth Pen 2008/05/07 10:41

I've created this patch, so that it respects dokuwiki paths when calculating sizes.

i'm using 20091225

Elan Ruusamäe 2010/07/28 23:17

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