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Development Version Only!

The page you came from describes a feature which is currently only available in the development version (main branch) of DokuWiki. The development version has not been tested as thoroughly as the released versions, and bugs may still remain. If this feature is important to you, you are welcome to use the development version – just be prepared for bugs (which could cause data loss) and you should also be willing to provide bug reports in order to make fixes available to all.

You can get the development version by pulling from the DokuWiki Git repository or downloading the current development snapshot. Questions about new features are best directed to the mailing list. If trying out the hottest and latest version makes you eager to write some DokuWiki code, The Development Manual is a good place to start.

:!: Have a look at the backlinks of this page to see what features we are currently working on.


This feature may or may not be included in one of the upcoming releases and it may also change in incompatible ways before release.

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