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Development Snapshots

If you want to try out a current development version of DokuWiki without using git, you can always download a snapshot of the development code at github.

The most recent code version can always be downloaded from

Installing a Snapshot

To install a snapshot just follow the standard installation procedure. However, you are likely receive a message “unrecognised or modified dokuwiki.php” in the installer.

To fix this, perform the following:

  1. copy the reported hash key, e.g. '1e5c42eac3219d9e21927c39e3240aad'
  2. open install.php and find
    $dokuwiki_hash = array
  3. duplicate the final line within the array, e.g.
    '2007-06-26'   => 'b3ca19c7a654823144119980be73cd77',
  4. edit your duplicated line for date and new hash key, e.g.
    '2009-03-17'   => '1e5c42eac3219d9e21927c39e3240aad',
  5. save, upload to server and rerun install.php
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