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本页面汇总了DokuWiki官方版本的变更信息,不过只列举了比较大的变更。完整的变更日志保留在 GitHub Repository Browser


:!: 标记的变更是在升级的时候需要留意的。

Release 2017-02-19b “Frusterick Manners”

  • new Admin screen with plugins being able to add their own icons :!: 3rd party templates need adjustments
  • jQuery 3 (IE Support for versions <9 dropped)
  • :!: some plugins may need an update.
    • Gallery: Make sure to update the gallery plugin before you upgrade DokuWiki. Versions before 2016-12-22 render all pages in Frusterick Manners virtually unusable. This includes the login and the admin forms. (Rescue manoeuvre if you happened to fall into the trap: Use regular file tools to move the folder '$DOKUWIKIROOT/lib/plugins/gallery' out of the way.)
    • ODT: Versions before 2016-09-10 do not supply the file 'inc/ZipLib.class.php' which is required in Frusterick Manners.
  • better cache management and CDN support for jQuery
  • PHP 7.1 support and PHP 7.0 bugfixes
  • improvements to the internal Form mechanism
  • File usage list in media manager
  • Various improvements, language updates and bug fixes


  • Hotfix 2017-02-19a : fixes installation issue 1852 and media overwrite issue 1853.
  • Hotfix 2017-02-19b : fixes security token 1883 and media manager overwrite issue 1864.

Release 2016-06-26b “Elenor of Tsort”

  • New authPDO plugin; authmysql and authpgsql are deprecated :!:
  • :!: Access check is performed before pages are shown in sidebars of recent templates. (e.g. dokuwiki, starter, writr)
  • PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  • Internet Explorers 8 (and older) are no longer supported, workarounds have been removed
  • Improvements to the new form class, auto loading of plugin classes and other improvements for plugin developers
  • Show size changes in recent changes
  • Better RTL (Arabic, Hebrew) support in Mediamanager
  • Support for PHP's builtin web server
  • Various improvements, language updates and bug fixes


  • Hotfix 2016-06-26a: fixes 1616 issue with authad.
  • Hotfix 2016-06-26b: fixes security issue 1883, and adjusts session ID check to specification.

Release 2015-08-10a “Detritus”

  • This release now requires PHP 5.3.3 at least
  • New Style Manager to adjust template variables like colors
  • Experimental new Form class usable for plugin developers
  • Use Composer to add third party libraries
  • Various deprecated code has been removed
  • The Extension Manager can now remove old files when updating extensions
  • Allow unsetting default acronyms, schemes, entities, etc. in local config
  • PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  • Page titles now reflect the current action better
  • Changed all submit buttons from input to button to improve their stylability. :!:
  • Various improvements and bug fixes


  • Hotfix 2015-08-10a: fix for issue 1296 with Extension Manager which prevented installing tarballs and issue 1302 which prevented links to Windows Shares to work

Release 2014-09-29d “Hrun”

  • It's now possible to customize single strings of the localization
  • New history function to see how a wiki looked at a certain time (no user interface yet, details at date at)
  • Security fix for AD/LDAP auth plugin related problem (Details here)
  • Some caching in the database auth plugins
  • Improved CLI interface for better command line tools
  • Support for external Audio/Video sources
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Note: When you had disabled the 'compress' config setting, you would enable it again since this release.


  • Hotfix 2014-09-29a: fixes for login problems caused by certain PCRE versions and changes in the recent Chrome release
  • Security Hotfix 2014-09-29b: prevents XSS attack via SWF uploads
  • Security Hotfix 2014-09-29c: fixes privilege escalation in RPC API
  • Security Hotfix 2014-09-29d: fixes a XSS vulnerability in the user manager

Release 2014-05-05e “Ponder Stibbons”

  • Extension Manager
  • Audio & video support
  • New and more file icons (as e.g. seen on mime)
  • Show login form at denied access
  • Show a domain dropdown when multiple AD domains are configured
  • Added user page linking by adding the showuseras config option: “Full name as interwiki user link”. Configurable via the interwiki configuration
  • Added a more versatile Revision selection to the diff page of articles
  • :!: Fallback of old date format removed: early wikis need to update their dformat config setting

:!: When the layout seems broken, you may be affected by an issue in the CSS compressor. Please try disabling the 'compress' config setting.


  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05a for Issue 765.
  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05b for AD/LDAP auth plugin related problem (Details here)
  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05c: prevents XSS attack via SWF uploads
  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05d: fixes privilege escalation in RPC API
  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05e: fixes a XSS vulnerability in the user manager

Release 2013-12-08 “Binky”

  • improved random generator for more secure passwords
  • Added capability to import and export users in User Manager via CSV files
  • Implemented LESS compiler for CSS
  • The old 'default' template was removed :!:
  • Users can delete their own account now
  • Improvements for RTL languages/scripts, accessibility (WAI-ARIA) and farms
  • Many, many translation updates and smaller bugfixes

Release 2013-05-10a “Weatherwax”

  • Introduction of Auth Plugins :!: If you used an authentication backend, you will need to adjust your authtype configuration by prefixing it with auth. Eg mysql becomes authmysql and plain becomes authplain. A compatibility mechanism will smooth upgrade, but care should be given to update your settings and test your wiki after the upgrade.
  • This release finalizes our jQuery migration and the deprecated compatibility functions were removed. :!: this might break plugins that have not been updated for the last year
  • Various updates and fixes to the new template introduced in Adora Belle, especially to mobile mode
  • Refactored email subscriptions
  • Upgrade to jQuery 1.9.0 and jQuery-UI 1.9.2
  • Refactored tar file library
  • A security enhancement for fetch to reduce its susceptibility to DDOS attacks. :!: Plugins which use fetch to display images and construct their own urls maybe be incompatible with the change - list of affected plugins
  • removal of ~~INFO:version~~
  • The hotfix released 2013-06-16 contains the following fixes
    • Several fixes related to the new Auth-Plugins (especially LDAP, AD and MySQL)
    • Improvements to the random password generator and introduction of AUTH_PASSWORD_GENERATE
    • Better password reset tokens
    • A fix for image rescaling (Precondition failed problem)
    • A fix related to Internet Explorer's compatibility mode

Release 2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”

Usage enhancements

  • A new default dokuwiki template is distributed with this release. This new template is HTML5 compliant and comes with sidebar and mobile support. The old template is still available with this release, but will be deprecated. :!: The new template is activated by default. Special thanks to Clarence Lee for the initial design.
  • The TOC and the search results have been rewritten and improved. This impacts templates: :!: all templates need to be adjusted to work properly. See d5acc30d and 91b05b6b for details of the changes and what needs to be done in each template.
  • Several fixes and enhancements have been made to the media manager
  • RTL has been given some particular attention
  • Several fixes of the subscription mechanism have been integrated

Setup & Administration

  • Multiple LDAP servers is now available
  • Wiki farms is in the core of DokuWiki: all the farm code is grouped in a farm.php file which can be included through the preload.php to activate farming
  • ACL now support a %GROUP% wildcard. This works like the %USER% wildcard, but for groups. :!: %USER% and %GROUP% cannot be mixed on an ACL line
  • Notification mail are now sent as HTML formatted mails. :!: This feature is enabled by default.
  • Resending password has been reworked. :!: Now DokuWiki honors the autopasswd setting: passwords are resent if $conf['autopasswd'] is enabled. If $conf['autopasswd'] is disabled a token is sent allowing password reset. Theses tokens are valid only during a limited time.
  • XMLRPC settings in the config file are renamed: xmlrpc and xmlrpcuser become remote and remoteuser. :!: You *must* rename these settings in your local.php config file if you were using them.
  • Added support for local style.inis

Integration & Development

  • Several fixes when using Active Directory as backend
  • DokuWiki now uses PHPUnit as its test framework
  • Sidebar inclusion is now provided in the new default template. (The Release Candidate included a tpl_sidebar() which was removed again to avoid conflicts with many popular templates.)
  • The DOKU_TPL* constants are deprecating: :!: template authors are encouraged to integrate that change.
  • More details about changes related to programmers.

And also

  • Over 20 language updates
  • Over 60 issues were fixed

Release 2012-01-25c “Angua”

Usage enhancements

  • Version handling of media files, just like pages. Old versions are saved and change history available in “recent changes” list as well as in RSS. This and the new media manager are the result of the Google Summer of Code project of Kate Arzamastseva. :!: Be careful when upgrading, some directories need be created (see upgrade)
  • Drag & drop support in media manager to speed up adding new files (only works in Firefox and Chrome). And improved multiple file upload (only works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari). This was made possible by replacing the old flash uploader with valums Ajax Upload.
  • A powerful, AJAX-enhanced fullscreen media manager is introduced in addition to the standard pop-up manager. :!: All templates must be updated to support the new manager. :!: Template authors need to add a media manager button and CSS.

Setup & Administration

  • Better farming with cascading configuration for plugin enabling/disabling, this was developed as part of the new extension manager Google Summer of Code project of Piyush Mishra. (see farm & config)
  • Performance enhancement by using data uris. This will transfer small images together with the CSS, thus reducing the number of needed HTTP requests and avoiding the HTTP header overhead. Turn on cssdatauri for a more efficient install.

Integration & Development

  • The core code now uses the jQuery JavaScript framework offering powerful features to plugin & template developers. The old, now deprecated JavaScript API is kept for plugin compatibility. Plugin and template authors are encouraged to migrate their JavaScript code to use jQuery instead of the old API (jQuery FAQ).
  • XML-RPC has been polished fixing some auth & login issues.
  • More details about changes related to programmers.


  • 25 reported issues were fixed.
  • Various smaller bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Thank you Kate and Piyush for their GSoC work and to Google for sponsoring it!


  • XSS security issue 2561
  • XSS security issue 2487

Previous releases are on Old Changes.

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