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Starter Template Changes

Here are lists of important changes to the Starter template, so that template authors building their template on it, will find it easier to upgrade. (This will not list changes in the CSS, but mainly new files or changes in main.php or any specific functionality.)

Changes for Greebo and Hogfather

  • implemented new menu system, with fallback to old menu system
  • removed discussion and user page functionality (use talkpage and userpage plugins instead)
  • use semantic section elements (main, nav, header, footer, aside)
  • added config option to set the semantic element for the sidebar (nav or aside)
  • added new guaranteed style.ini placeholder for links and one for the theme color
  • removed old and deprecated functionality
  • removed support for IE8

Changes for Elenor of Tsort and Frusterick Manners


Changes for Detritus

  • removed support for IE7
  • use of new core tpl_toolsevent() instead of template's _tpl_toolsevent() (backwards-compatible, with fallback)
  • deprecated list of media meta data in detail.php, use tpl_img_meta() instead
  • removed some things deprecated for longer than 2 years
  • new language strings for use with Styling plugin

Changes for Hrun


Changes for Ponder Stibbons

  • added aside class to the sidebar (and made changes to CSS to make sidebar content styles re-usable outside of ID)
  • fixed bug in _tpl_discussion() (in tpl_functions.php)
  • changes to detail.php:
    • in master branch: moved logic out of the template (using new core functions which are incompatible to older DokuWiki versions)
    • in backwards-compatible branch: fixed changed lang strings so they can be used in new and old DokuWiki versions

Changes for Binky

  • added tpl_classes() to template PHP files (main.php, detail.php and mediamanager.php)
  • moved X-UA-Compatible from meta tag to be sent by HTTP header instead (in all template PHP files as well)
  • added event to all tools menues via _tpl_toolsevent(), i.e. the following three event hooks are now supported: TEMPLATE_USERTOOLS_DISPLAY, TEMPLATE_SITETOOLS_DISPLAY, TEMPLATE_PAGETOOLS_DISPLAY
  • removed most backwards-compatible functionality, only keep things for 3 iterations, similar to core DokuWiki deprecation guidelines

Changes for Weatherwax

  • made sidebar inclusion more like in the dokuwiki template, i.e. don't show sidebar if sidebar config option is not set and added hasSidebar class (changes to main.php, css/structure.css and css/mobile.css)

Changes for Adora Belle

  • :!: changed files:
    • added images/external-link.png, deleted images/link_icon.gif
    • added images/unc.png, deleted images/windows.gif
    • added images/email.png, deleted images/mail_icon.gif
    • deleted css/rtl.css (also from style.ini) and re-added them to the rest of the CSS files
    • added css/mobile.css (also to style.ini)
  • deprecated because it has been integrated into the core:
    • tagline config is superseded by core tagline
    • sidebarID config is superseded by core sidebar
    • use new core lang strings for user_tools, site_tools, page_tools and skip_to_content
  • changed _tpl_include() to core tpl_includeFile()
  • changed tpl_include_page() to use new tpl_sidebar() instead parameter (tpl_include_page($conf['sidebar'], 1, 1))
  • changed doctype to polyglot html5
  • added no-js class to <html> and script to change it to js
  • :!: moved internal link colours from _links.css to content.css
  • removed PHP short open tags in some lang files

Changes between RC and actual release

The sidebar function tpl_sidebar() was in the RC but was removed again from the actual release.

Changes for Angua

  • :!: added new files:
    • 1)
    • CSS: _fileuploader.css, _mediamanager_fullscreen.css, _tabs.css (and added to style.ini)
    • images: apple-touch-icon.png, resizecol.png
  • renamed CSS file _mediamanager.css to _media_popup.css (and renamed in style.ini) 2)
  • added link to fullscreen mediamanager to main.phptpl_action('media')
  • introduced __site_width__ CSS parameter to style.ini
  • added new meta info to all 3 template files
    • meta viewport
    • use latest favicon functionality from core (which can include the apple-touch-icon) if available
  • :!: changes to detail.php
    • changed how meta info is retrieved (this also means, it's not completely backwards compatible, i.e. the meta information will not be displayed in older DokuWiki versions)
    • added link to the media manager

Change between version 2011-12-11 and 2011-11-20

In case you are upgrading from Rincewind to Angua, you can ignore this (as it's included in _mediamanager_fullscreen.css). But in case you already have upgraded your template between 2011-12-11 and 2011-11-20, the following small change fixes 2387:

Changes for Rincewind

  • :!: changes to template functions (incompatible to previous version)
    • introduced _tpl_action()
    • added full control to how the page links to discussion and user pages are built (with placeholders @id@ and @user@)
    • config option changes: removed 'discussNSreverse', renamed 'discussionNS' to 'discussionPage' and 'userNS' to 'userPage'
  • introduced '_tpl_include()' to make include hooks work with farms
  • added _tpl_action('register')
this is not needed, but strongly encouraged, as it will be used for the coming new extension manager
this is to avoid confusion, because the _mediamanager.css from the default template fulfills a completely different purpose, i.e. it's for the style for the fullscreen manager, while this is for the popup
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