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userpagecreate Plugin

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plugin Creates a user page or user namespace when a user first logs in

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Similar to userpage

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This plugin creates a userpage for users on their first login.


A CosmoCode Plugin

Install the plugin using the Extension Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


The plugin adds three options to the config manager:

  • target: The user page ID prefix
    • You probably want to configure a namespace here, using a trailing colon. A common option is to set this to user:
  • template: The user page template (page or namespace)
    • Either a single page that is copied for the user (eg. template:userpage)
    • Or a full namespace hierarchy that is copied (eg. template:user:)
      • This requires a namespace in the above option
      • The template namespace should have startpage
  • create_summary: The summary for the page creation(s)
    • The default is probably fine unless you want to localize it
  • delete: If user pages should be deleted on user deletion
    • If you set this, all pages for the user, including their old revisions will be deleted permanently when the user is deleted

In the template pages, all template replacement patterns can be used. Further patterns can be used if your auth-backend provides them (e.g. LDAP).

Template Example

  • In this page you can use all the normal syntax/markup your wiki and your installed plugins support

In the example below syntax from the plugins do, nslist, starred and changes is used.

====== @NAME Dashboard ======
===== ToDO =====
===== ToDos Created =====
===== pages in your namespace =====
===== Your Favorites =====
===== Newest Pages in this wiki =====
===== New Blogpost in our company's blog =====
{{rss> 3}}

Additional Setup

Once you have user pages, you probably want to use them whenever user names are displayed in the Wiki. For example in changelog.

To do so, switch the showuseras config to “username_link” and reconfigure the user interwiki link if necessary.

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