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Struct Plugin

Struct Plugin: Field Types

When defining fields in schemas, their types have to be specified. Each field in the schema has to have a type. It configures what data is accepted in the field and how it will be displayed later on.

Note: in general you're free to give your fields arbitrary names. However for ease of use, it is recommended to use simple identifiers as name and use the field label for nicer names. Especially the use of spaces or dots can make the use of the field in aggregation and filter syntax more complicated than needed. Eg. instead of using No. of projects as the field name, just use projects as the name and fill the label with No. of projects.

Available Types


Each type has its own specific configuration options described on the type's own page linked above. In addition there are some configuration elements available to each type described here:

Config Format Description
label array of strings This array contains keys for all languages available in the wiki (as defined by the translation plugin). You can use this to set translated labels for the field. These are used when showing the data or displaying the data editor. It's recommended to use short, rarely changing field names and set speaking names through this mechanism.
hint array of strings Similar to the label field but can be used to give some more detailed info about how to fill the field in question. Shown as tooltip.
visibility → inpage boolean When disabled, fields will not be displayed in the struct banner of the page.
visibility → ineditor boolean When disabled, the field will not be displayed when editing the page. Data can be entered only through a bureaucracy form or in aggregations.
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