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Struct Plugin

Additional Plugins

The basic features of the struct plugin can be extended by installing additional plugins.

    • SQLite-based application helping in managing nonconformities and customers complaints
    • Give certain users write permissions to the current page using struct data
    • Struct table page aggregator with additional at parameter
    • Automatically link to pages using struct configured keywords
    • Add two more struct types - ComboLookup and NarrowingLookup
    • Add a style to the rendered table
    • Aggregate struct data into a Gantt chart
    • Add another struct type - GeoHash. It gives the possibility to easily mark a point on a map and save its coordinates in GeoHash format.
    • Add another struct type - group - and allows you to insert DokuWiki user groups into struct data
    • Enable struct <input> fields stretching when content doesn't fit in a container
    • Perform joins over struct schemas
    • Generate ODT files based on template file, filled with struct data
    • Add another struct type - Progress - allows the display of a progress bar
    • Manage publishing workflow using struct
    • Color struct table rows using fields of Color type
    • New section-type to show struct wiki fields as actual sections of the page
    • One-click mechanism to manage the state of a page with struct
    • Sends reminders and notifications of tasks stored in struct
    • Repeat a Wikitext or HTML template with placeholders from Struct data
    • Add an action to bureaucracy forms to allow updating the struct data of the page
    • A webhook endpoint for swarm check-ins forwarded IFTTT into a struct table
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