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Struct PluginTypes

Struct Plugin: Type Tag

The Tag type accepts “tag” names – arbitrary strings to categorize a page. Each tag will be linked to the same configured page containing an aggregation with a parameter filtering the aggregation to the given tag. To do so, create the page and set the Filter parameter in the aggregation to: filter: $STRUCT.<schema>.<field>$. Where the field name is the one containing the tags.

Autocompletion completes with existing tags. When filtering by tags, comparisons are made case insensitive and without spaces.


The following configuration is available in addition to the basic type configuration:

Config Format Description
page string The page containing an aggregation displaying data from the same schema as the tag. Leaving this empty defaults to a page named after the field.
autocomplete.mininput integer Autocompletion will only return results when at least this many character have been entered
autocomplete.maxresult integer The maximum number of suggestions shown by the autocompletion
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