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Spoiler2 Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2024-02-06 "Kaos" unknown
  • 2023-04-04 "Jack Jackrum" unknown
  • 2022-07-31 "Igor" unknown
  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" yes

plugin Adds initially hidden sections

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:!: Doesn't work currently, I am on it.. :!:

Spoiler tag for DokuWiki. Allows sections that are initially hidden, and are shown when a “Show” button is clicked. The spoiler can be hidden again by pressing the button. An optional title can be given, otherwise a “Spoiler:” text is shown before the button.

spoiler2 has been updated to work with current Dokuwiki releases.


Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


<spoiler>Content with default title</spoiler>
<spoiler|Plot details>The butler did it!</spoiler>
This spoiler contains another spoiler

Change Log

  • 2007-07-19
    • last release of original spoiler plugin by Heikki Hokkanen (
  • 2021-02-04
    • initial release of the updated version 2

Known Bugs and Issues

  • tbd


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