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pot Plugin

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plugin Calculate and display formatted numbers

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Similar to calc, fields

Tagged with calculation, math

By agapetus

The pot plugin is based on the Calc Plugin and inspired by Fields Plugin It allows to perform calculations and displays numbers in an appropriate formatting.


The easy way for example:

<pot> 5 + 10 </pot>

Format the result

Additional parameters can be used to adjust the displayed result:

<pot currency=$ | decimals=2 > 5 + 10 </pot>

You will get: 15.00 $

There are three ways to customize the display of results:

  • use the config in the admin section for a general design,
  • use an page specific code to design an shortcut
  • use the individual “<pot settings=setting>” to adjust only this “<pot>
  • the general config settings will be merged (overwritten) by the page code (if set), and finally merged by the individual settings (if set).

The values are a simple line of entries in the format: “key=value | key=value | key=value

key shortcut (default) value why
set any number or word with this key word you will set a page default, see below
potid @value
unique id for this pot, see below: shortcut necessary if you want to use this pot-result within an other pot
decimals (0) how many numbers after the decimal point
currency () symbols ( €, $, …) or letters (EUR, DOL, …)
you can use “ _ ” to place the currency before or after the value: eg. “_ €” is replaced to “value €” and “€ _” is replaced to “€ value” (default ist after)
width (0) length of the result field in the format: 10px if you need all numbers nicely below the other
formula (false) true shows the formula if true
display (flex) none none if you need to hide the pot ( it is still shown in the html code!)
float ! (left) right
sepmil (,) the sign which separates the thousand (1.000,00)
sepdec (.) the sign which separates the decimals (0,00)
defaultentry ~value shortcut, if you have used “set=3” you can use ~3 to call all settings done within the pot with set=3
color+ set a color for results above 0
color- set a color for results beneath 0
type (formula) text the pot can be used to calculate formulas or to set and reuse text

More examples

<pot set=1 | potid=example | decimals=2 | currency=€ | sepdec=, | sepmil=. | display=none > 1100.01 </pot>

Will not be displayed

<pot ~1> {@example} + 1  </pot>

Will be displayed as: 1.101,01 €
(because of the formatting set with set=1)


Besides the simple calculations ( +, -, *, /,) more complex functions can be used (e.g. sin(), cos()).

Already set <pot> values can be retrieved and included in the formulas. To retrieve exactly one result write {@potid}.

<pot> {@example} + 1 </pot>

to fetch exactly one other pot result

You also can also write {#examp} to get the sum of all pots above this entry which have the letters “examp” in it's potid. (Keep in mind it is the sum of all above ones, the hidden ones and the ones with automatically set potid as well.)

<pot> {#examp} </pot>

to sum up all pots where id “examp” occurs

<pot potid=example_5 > {&} </pot>

to sum up all pots where this pod id (“example” without added numbers) occurs

The calculation might be done with the result of former pots and not with the formulas (have a look at formula=true to see more), this might give different results (e.g. because of the amount of decimals used).


With “potid” you can set individual names to each pot. If not, it will be set automatically. There is a simple rule in the automatically set name, it ads an rising number to the last potid set. Simply set potid=example5 and the next pots will have: example6, example7, example8,… until you set a new name where the rising starts again.


Some signs are definde as shortcuts. You might use them in the format part.

<pot @example_5 > 1 </pot> is identical to <pot potid=example_5 > 1 </pot>

Shortcut the same as
@value potid=value
#value potid=value_(uniqueNumber) nice to use in tables and to sum them with {#value} later
! float=right probebly best in tables to have your numbers nicely on the right side
~value defaultentry=value fetches page settings which were set erlier with set=value


To use this plugin for text entries simply write:

<POT> my text </POT>


<pot format=text > my text </pot>

You can use this text later on the page with {@value}. A other plugin with similar functions: Fields Plugin.

WYSIWYG editor

Unfortunately, error messages occur when using Prosemirror Plugin and Edittable Plugin. The error messages occur when preview is clicked in the editor. After regular saving of the page the display is as usual.


In the current development state, this plugin should not be used in productive environments or open wikis.

PHP Javascript

This first attempt is only done with php. That is why the calculations and name assignments are made from top to bottom. Possibly, at some point, a variant with javascript will be created in order to be able to retrieve the set values on the whole page unhindered.

Developer notes

Unfortunately, I do not have the necessary time or knowledge to maintain this plugin permanently or to improve it significantly. Please feel free to use, copy and fork the plugin.

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