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mediatooltip Plugin

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For the basic install use the Dokuwiki Extension Manager. This should work without incident. If not, then for a manual install, see Plugin Installation Instructions.


This plugin was initially developed to create enhanced tooltips and image filenames for wikis that use images based on photographs. However it has been expanded for use with any media files. The tooltips are based on the jQuery tooltip widget, and their appearance can be controlled by making changes to the style.css file that is included in the plugin directory.

Expanded tooltip support

The latest upgrade includes expanded support for tooltips. It provides for inclusion of up to eight fields in the tooltip data and display:

  1. Camera make and type, assuming one was used
  2. the File in which the image is stored on the server
  3. the Exposure data, if Camera is selected
  4. the Date that the image or photo was created
  5. the name of the Artist or potographer who made the image/photo
  6. Caption, if provided
  7. Copyright info if available
  8. the Size of the image in pixels and size of the file on the server

If copyright statement is included, it can be included in the tooltip or on-screen underneath the image or in both places. The size of the on-screen copyright text is set in style.css using the mtip_copy class and is pre-set to x-small.


The output of the MediaToolTip plugin for photo-based images is controlled by its configuration options. The choices made from the options will alter the file names of the images and depending on the option may affect the information given in the tooltips. Otherwise, all media files will have the jQuery tooltips.

Option Brief Description Choices Default
captionpos Placement of caption field; has precedence over copyright placement for under image position on-screen underneath image, in the tooltip
copypos Placement of copyright statment 1) in the tooltip
2) on-screen underneath the image
3) both in the tooltip and under the image
fields Checkbox for selecting one or more fields for inclusion in tooltips Camera, File, Exposure, Date, Artist, Copyright, Caption, ImgSize, FileSize File, Copyright
groups comma separated list of user groups to be used for creating image ids
enable_userid use userid in creating image ids 1,0 0
enable_real use user's real name in creating image ids 1,0 0
date_style choose whether and which date style to use in creating image ids date_hms
time_format time format for creating image ids;the time is taken from the date on which the photograph was taken hour.min.sec

Constructing the Id for Photo-Based Images

If all the defaults are retained, the image id in the Media Manager will have this format:

  • Year-month-day_uploaded_image name_userid.extension

For example, for an image named sunset.jpg with a user named jack, that was photographed on November 12 2018, the file name would be:

  • 2018-11-12_sunset_jack.jpg

If enable_userid is set to false, then the user's real name will be used instead of the userid.

  • 2018-11-12_sunset_jack_smith.jpg

If the user belongs to one of the groups and enable_userid is set to false, the group name will be used. Similarly, if both enable_userid and enable_real are false, the group name will be used. For instance:

  • 2018-11-12_sunset_hikers.jpg

Without a group name and without enabling of userid and the user's real name, the image would be named :

  • 2018-11-12_sunset.jpg

Finally, if no date is found, the image will be named as found on upload:

  • sunset.jpg


All media files will have tooltips styled by the jQuery tooltip widget. But all images that have photo data attached to them will have tooltips with photo data included. Below are tooltips for two photos, one with a filename that has been changed using the above options, one without filename changes.

original image name04_final.jpgelders.jpg
filenamenon-image media tooltip
Expanded tooltip with Copyright and photo data1)

For a “live” example, see:


Please used either github or the forum to report any issues.

Artist can be changed in lang.php using the creator setting
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