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ImgPaste Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Add images via cut'n'paste in Chrome, Opera and Firefox

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Similar to dropfiles

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This plugin allows to insert images by simply pasting them into the editor. This is especially useful for inserting screenshots. Please note this plugin works in the Chrome browser, Opera (from version 15 onwards), Firefox 52, Safari(iOS). 1)

A CosmoCode Plugin


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

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Simply use CTRL-V or whatever pastes on your system while having some image data in the clipboard and editing a page. The image will automatically be uploaded and the image syntax is inserted at your current cursor position.

Configuration and Settings

You can specify how image names are constructed. You should make sure the constructed name will be unique (by using the current time). In addition to strftime wildcards, the following placeholders can be used:

Placeholder Description
@NS@ Namespace of the currently edited page
@ID@ ID of the currently edited page
@USER@ Username of the currently logged in user
@PAGE@ Name of currently edited page without namespace
Tip for no-Chromers in Windows
Irfanview has extensive commandline options. I use two of them in a shortcut which I start with e.g. Ctrl-F12
<path to i_view32.exe> /clippaste /convert="U:\$U(%Y.%m.%d_%H%M%S).jpg"
You should put the shortcut on your desktop in order to work and can set the key-combination in the shortcut properties. This is a one-time action of a minute or two.

Anytime I need a screenshot from the clipboard in DokuWiki:
  1. Start normal DokuWiki image insert ⇒ select files button ⇒ if not already there, navigate to the screenshot location (in this case the easy U-drive),
  2. Press Ctrl-F12
The new screenshot appears with a chronological filename. You can rename it or upload immediately.
Martin 2014/07/18 09:27

PS: in combination with Windows context menu adapting software like Open++, you could adapt the shortcut to save into any upload location. But this is already far too much for one footnote.
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