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Editor Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Shows a list of recently changed pages by a given user or IP address.

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to pageseditees, querychangelog, userhistory

Tagged with changelog, history, ip, listing, users

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The Editor Plugin shows a list of recently changed pages by a given user or IP address. The syntax is:

[namespace] the namespace to be searched for changes by the editor optional; default is the whole wiki
[user] username of the editor required
[ip] IP address of the editor required
[group] usergroup with an @ sign as first char required
[flags] pagelist flags delimited by &, see flags optional

Pagelist can also handle tags, when the Tag plugin is installed.

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report bugs or feature requests at the Bug tracker.

Further Resources



How to show edits of user on his userpage?

This can be accomplished with the mypage plugin. There is an example on how to use it with the editor plugin.

How do i change format of dates?

It uses DokuWiki default setting. See dformat config option about configuring your own format.

How to display all edits, not only the recent ones

To display all edits, increase the setting recent_days to a very large number, such as 3650 (~10 years). This should be done in advance since the index of recent changes is not rebuilt automatically. This might make the wiki slow when saving a page though.


Reduce Results to a specific Number

Hi, is it somehow possible to reduce the shown results for example to 10?

Yep, I really would like to have this possibility too… (great work btw!)

Display pages by date instead of user

Hi, I've made a modification to the plugin so that it allows filtering by date instead of user. You can either display (for a given namespace or globally) pages that have been edited since a certain date or pages that have been edited during a given period (e.g. in the last 7 days). Changing this was a pretty straightforward find-and-replace-job.

Would you be interested in merging the functionality? Otherwise I would just release it on my own (with appropriate credit). – Georg Sorst, 04/18/2009.

I just noticed that Dokuwiki 2009-02-14 now has a function for this (getRecentsSince()), so it should be even easier to integrate. – Georg Sorst, 04/18/2009.
Yes, I'd be interested in mergin this functionality. If you have it ready you can just send me your patch and I'll add it. — Michael Klier 2009/05/18 11:49
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