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ckgdoku Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Elenor of Tsort, Frusterick Manners, Greebo

plugin A version of ckgedit which enables the use of DokuWiki’s media manager and linkwiz

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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ckgdoku is a version of ckgedit which enables users to switch between ckgedit's file browser and DokuWiki's media manager and linkwiz. See: ckgdoku on the ckgedit page for details about this version of ckgedit.

Important Notice

:!: Ckgdoku is now deprecated. Please use the CKGEdit Plugin, which now contains all of the functionality of ckgdoku. Ckgdoku will temporarily be maintained for bug fixes but it will not get new features and upgrades.


Requires DokuWiki version “Elenor of Tsort” or later. For earlier versions of DokuWiki, you must use ckgedit.


The documentation for ckgedit applies to ckgdoku. This includes installation and configuration options. There are two configuration options specific to ckgdoku . For these, see below for details about these options, which determine the default filebrowsers (i.e. ckgedit or native dokuwiki).

As of 03/24/2017 ckgdoku is treated as separate plugin from ckgedit, i.e. it has its own directory structure and its own internal names, unlike earlier versions which shared the same directory and internal names. Because of this, it cannot be enabled at the same time as ckgedit; you must use one or the other.

The current distribution has moved from CKEditor 4.5.7 to 4.7, which is latest release as of this writing (2017-06-04 21:45) Please report any problems.


Farms branch previous had a separate distribution.1) but is now merged int the master. Installation is the same as for ckgedit


Supports the captcha plugin. For configuration information see the ckgedit configuration documentation.

Image sizing and positioning

When selecting an image in the DokuWiki media manger, if you do not select an option, these settings default to the last selected. They can always be changed in the CKEditor's image dialog. If the image has already been inserted into the document, you can right click on the image and select image properties which will bering up the image dialog, where you can make your changes. When the image is initially inserted only the width will appear in the image dialog. To get the height and to make it permanently a part of your image markup, click the Reset Size icon.


In its default configuration, users can use either the DokuWiki Media Manager and Linkwiz or the ckgedit filebrowser, switching between them as needed. It can also be configured to restrict users to either ckgedit's filebrowser or DokuWiki's mediamanager/link wizard. 2)

For adminstrators, this means that the media content of your wikis is now fully integrated into the DokuWiki file history and meta system, whereas until now it has been only the documents that have had this integration. It also allows for simpler installation when the DokuWiki tools are given preference, since they work exactly as in DokuWiki and need no additional configuration. This version is code named ckgdoku.

ckgdoku Configuration Options

There are two options in addition to the ckgeditor options:

Option Description Settings default
allow_ckg_filebrowser Select which file/media browser(s) users can use all, ckgedit, dokuwiki all
default_ckg_filebrowser Select default file/media browser; overridden if the selected browser is not allowed ckgedit, dokuwiki ckgedit

With the default settings the editor will open up set to use ckgedit's file and image browser. A button at the bottom of the editor enables switching to the DokuWiki media manager and link wizard.


This has been made possible by the work of Steve Glick, who connected the Ckeditor's link and media dialogs to DokuWiki's linkwiz and mediamanger.
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