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Auto Include Index plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

No compatibility info given!

plugin Automatically includes an index menu on each page, hidden by default, can be toggled by clicking the sitemap bar on the right of the screen

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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Download and Installation

Your wiki should allow include:

  • html
  • php code

It's in the settings of your wiki, there are 2 ways to do it:

  1. if you log in as admin, go to admin section, then configuration settings, in the editting section, tick the checkboxes for allow embeded html and php.
  2. the other way is to go to your config file[conf/local.php] and change your setting to look like this $conf['htmlok'] = 1; $conf['phpok'] = 1;

Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

See it in action FIXME

Screen shots


User reported that this plugin has problem with the latest dokuwiki snapshot dokuwiki-latest.tgz 20. oct 2010

Bug fix for missing edit bar

Replace your script.js with the code below and all works fine.

– Gary Greyling

var autoincludeindexhidden = true;
var autoincludeindexiconid = 'autoincludeindexicon';
var autoincludeindexid = 'autoincludeindex';
var autoincludeindexicontop = 0;
var autoincludeindextop = 0;
var autoincludeindexscroll = 0;
function toggleautoindexmenu()
    if (autoincludeindexhidden)
function showautoincludeindex(id,iconid)
    $(id) = $(iconid).offsetTop - 25 + 'px';
    $(iconid).style.right = '254px';
    autoincludeindexhidden = false;
function hideautoincludeindex(id,iconid)
    $(iconid).style.right = '0px';
    autoincludeindexhidden = true;
function floatautoincludeindex()
    if (autoincludeindexhidden)
        ScrollTop = document.body.scrollTop;
        if (ScrollTop == 0)
            if (window.pageYOffset)
                ScrollTop = window.pageYOffset;
                ScrollTop = (document.body.parentElement) ? document.body.parentElement.scrollTop : 0;
        if ($(autoincludeindexiconid)) {
            $(autoincludeindexiconid) = ScrollTop + autoincludeindexicontop+'px';
    //document.getElementById('autoincludeindex') = ScrollTop + autoincludeindexicontop+'px';
function initautoincludeindex()
    if ($(autoincludeindexiconid)) {
        autoincludeindexicontop = $(autoincludeindexiconid).offsetTop;
    //autoincludeindexicontop = document.getElementById('autoincludeindex').offsetTop;
    addEvent(window, 'scroll', floatautoincludeindex);
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