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How to move DokuWiki from one Server to another?

The simplest way to do this is to just copy the whole DokuWiki directory to the new server.

Here are a few things that might cause some trouble:

  • Last modified dates (filemtime) may change when just copying your files. To avoid this, pack the whole directory in a TGZ file, transfer it and unpack it on the other server.
  • basedir and baseurl options might have to be adjusted.
  • The cache might need to be updated. See caching for info about how to do that.
  • Permissions and fmode and dmode may need tweaking.
  • Your .htaccess might need to be tweaked, especially when using URL rewriting
  • You should upgrade after transferring the data.

Transitions between different operating systems should not cause any trouble, DokuWiki does not care for OS specifics.

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