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Configuration Setting: fmode

This option sets the permissions you want your files to be created with. What you set here is the mode to set on your files in octal (not a string, but a number always starting with 0). The default creates files with UNIX permissions of 0644 (rw-r–r–).

  • Type: Number
  • Default: 0644

This setting has no effect on Windows servers.

The first non-zero digit (6 in the default above) determines the user permissions (i.e. permissions of the file owner), second non-zero digit is the group permissions and the last digit is permissions for other (i.e. everyone else). To convert permissions into the correct number, use the following key:

  • Read=4
  • Write=2
  • Execute=1

and sum the result for each one of the above groups. Thus, if you want read and write permissions for the user owning the files, specify 4+2=6 as the first non-zero digit. If you would want read and execute permissions (appropriate e.g. for directories) for the group that the file belongs to, specify 4+1=5 as the second non-zero digit. The default permission value above is interpreted as read and write permissions for the user and only read permissions (number 4) for the group and others.

Note that the default allows “world” read access to the data stored in your DokuWiki directories. The implication is that any user with interactive access to the same server you are running DokuWiki on will be able to read your data. DokuWiki has an extensive set of access control lists, but this only applies in the context of the DokuWiki application itself. If other users have the ability to log into the server running DokuWiki and you choose the defaults, then the information in your Wiki will likely be readable by those users.

Be sure to read the information on Permissions, and if you are worried about the security of your Wiki information for other users of your web server, you will probably want to change this default (as well as dmode) to a more secure setting.

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