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Plugin Survey 2011

Welcome to the third survey of all plugins present in the plugin namespace of Data was collected by an automated script 2011-11-23 with some additional manual data download and mining. A total of 846 wiki pages containing 825 plugins was examined and source code for 802 plugins (97%) downloaded and parsed.

153 new plugins has been released since previous survey in September 2010 giving a growth figure of 23% a year.


  • To answer questions like “Who uses this Event?
  • Monitor plugin developers response to changes like the new download button and new events
  • Give background to discussions about the plugin manager, meta data links, navigation & tags
  • Collect a ToDo list for WikiGnomes and some certain developers
  • Just for the fun of it, if you like statistics, you know what I mean :-)

Find the answers in the survey

  • Deployment - Where and how do users find and install the plugins?
  • Compatibility - Are we up to date? Are syntax conflicting with other plugins?
  • Source code - Code metrics and which plugins have RTL CSS defined?
  • Events - List of found users for each event.
  • Friendliness - How well are the plugin system adopted to non-programmers?
  • Developers - How many have contributed to DokuWiki's wealth of plugins?

Some new highlights in the 2011 survey

Enjoy! — HåkanS 18-Dec-2011

Not every plugin is a plugin

What about the 21 other pages? IMHO some pages in the plugin namespace could not be considered plugins. All mentioned below beside div_span_shorthand were excluded from the plugin survey. Compared to last year, some pages have moved to more appropriate namnespaces and wysiwyg_nicedit plugin is now considered a real plugin.

Manual page

  • repository - This is the plugin for displaying the plugin list on Page only contains a reference of how the database entry should be for each plugin home page. There is also a separate repo API description with a link to the source code.

Homemade redirect


A plugin without database header is not visible in the main plugin list.

Plugin twin

  • div_span_shorthand - This page provides two related plugins: Span Shorthand and Div Shorthand. They were counted as one but code for both were examined during survey.

Meta plugins

There is also a meta plugin system based on the command plugin. Some additional commands (class extensions) are published as plugins even though they could not be installed using the plugin manager. See this forum post for an example of how another command is born.


While modifications found last year has moved to better places, now there is a new one ;-).

  • getraw - (new) Creates a url to get raw contents of a wiki, with authorization.

More plugins

Not all plugins are published at and these were not included in the survey. Here are some examples:

  • OAuth - Implements basic oAuth support.
  • search-logger - This plugin uses the search events to detect a search and store it in a database.
  • Files plugin FIXME - (new) Features: attach files/dirs to Wiki and coment them all, HTTP/WebDav/FTP access to the files storage, define ACL's for files storage, create filestorage pages using templates
  • Exam Plugin - (new) Give users an easy access to upload/download examns and solutions.
  • Extension Plugin (new) - The new extension manager for DokuWiki, part of GSoC 2011.
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