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Plugin Survey 2011 - Developers Todo

(This is a part of the plugin survey 2011)

As a service to selected plugin authors SurveyBot has compiled a little ToDo list. Every item should be evaluated to everybody's own taste and seen only as improvement suggestions. Add you name below if you want to be on the list next survey

  • Andreas Gohr, Christopher Smith, Håkan Sandell, Adrian Lang, Anika Henke
Developer Error Plugin
Adrian Lang Missing download button ajaxloader, edittable, fancysearch, log, quicksubscribe, tagging, usercontact, userpagecreate
No, old or unclear compatibility ac, recommend, schulzevote
Marked as conflicting edittable
Christopher Smith Missing download button color
Doesn't use info.txt box, camelcase, code, color, definitionlist, googlemaps, iframe, linebreak, login_redirector, math2, outdent, source, xbr
No, old or unclear compatibility camelcase, code, config, definitionlist, linebreak, login_redirector, math2, outdent, plugin, usermanager
Marked as conflicting box, code, definitionlist, xbr
Uses old CSS replacements box
Need to cleanup plugin homepage box
Tagged !experimental linebreak, xbr
Unrelated content in download box
Andreas Gohr Missing download button cryptsign, qc, safefnrecode, sqlite, starred, ueb
Doesn't use info.txt googlesearch, readability, ueb
No, old or unclear compatibility acl, aclinfo, csv, godiag, googlesearch, graphgear, info, notfound, nslist, popularity, readability, revert
Marked as conflicting amazon, badbehaviour, bureaucracy, data, gallery, navi, qc, s5, translation, vshare
Develonly referred bureaucracy, data, gallery, redirect, spellcheck, ueb
Tagged !experimental qc
Dominik Eckelmann Missing download button uncmap
Doesn't use info.txt groupusers, phpbblinks
No, old or unclear compatibility docsearch, virtualgroup
Marked as conflicting docsearch
Anika Henke Doesn't use info.txt abc
Need to cleanup plugin homepage wrap
Etienne Meleard Doesn't use info.txt aclauditor, condition, dokugource, farm, usersubscriptions
No, old or unclear compatibility condition, dokugource, farm, usersubscriptions
Need to cleanup plugin homepage condition
Michael Klier Doesn't use info.txt archiveupload, backlinks2, clearfloat, gpsies, gtd, lastfm, medialist, sidebarng, uparrow
Marked as conflicting backlinks2
Uses old CSS replacements wikicalendar
Etienne M. Doesn't use info.txt calc, favoris, listeabo, lytebox, message, pageseditees, piclens, snap, xtermrtf
Esther Brunner Doesn't use info.txt ical, vcard
No, old or unclear compatibility ical, vcard
Uses old CSS replacements folded
Etienne MELEARD Doesn't use info.txt multipoll
No, old or unclear compatibility multipoll
Uses old CSS replacements multipoll
Tagged !experimental multipoll

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