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Plugin Survey 2011 - Deployment

(This is a part of the plugin survey 2011)

DokuWiki plugins are primarily made available through their respective homepage in the plugin namespace of even if there are more out there in the wild. Hopefully plugin homepages are published with the intent of making the plugin available to others (read more about friendliness). One of users' main objectives is to download and install the code. So which options are available at the moment?


A number of plugins have reached the status of “bundled” and are included in the official release. Besides their inherent compatibility, some additional testing, usefulness and ease of installation ;-) there are no extra requirements on bundled plugins. 7 plugins (1%) are marked !bundled (i.e. included in the release).

Actually there is an eighth bundled plugin, safefnrecode, but it was not marked as bundled in the repository.

Download package

A convenient way of installing is by pasting an URL into the plugin manager. 704 pages (85%) have some sort of download link. In some cases, saved downloads from last years surveys could be used for code analysis. In total 715 downloaded packages were analyzed. Among those were 59 broken at the time of survey.

Repository Buttons

Late 2009 the repository plugin introduced the possibility to add links to source code, bug tracker and a donate button. Since then developers and the plugin & templates team has spread their use.

Button Plugins 2010 Plugins 2011
Download 213 (32%) 660 (80%)
Bugs 150 (22%) 255 (31%)
Repo 138 (21%) 247 (30%)
Donate 85 (13%) 106 (13%)

Public repositories

There are many free download services. Sadly a lot of them could at best be described as annoying, for example 2shared,,, and even sourceforge, requiring the user to view commercials and pressing a special download button. This will not work with the plugin manager. Some services even has automatic deletion of file not accessed within a certain time e.g. You should always check whether your selected host are compatible with the plugin manager.

But there are good alternatives as well. There is a clear trend for a common repository. Previous year 126 plugins where avaliable at GitHub. Now 232 plugins are located on GitHub. This accounts for 33% of the plugins with download link.

Year Plugins @GitHub
2009 22
2010 126
2011 232

External sites

90 plugins (11%) have their “Details and download” page somewhere outside and 8 were unavailable at the time of survey. 16 of this years new plugins have their information externally (most of them CosmoCode's ICKE-wiki plugins). Here is a list of the broken links:

Bz2 compression

By not using Bz2 compression you make it easier for your users. In many PHP releases BZ2 extensions are not included and they require a recompile of PHP, not feasible for a lot of users. Examples are conform, google_maps and lightboxv2.

Plugins are no longer required to implement a getInfo() function used by the plugin manager. Since DokuWiki 2009-12-25 release they may instead add an file which added better protection against download packages with faulty folder names. Now 36% of the plugin with download packages includes this file.

Survey Plugins
2010 94
2011 257

Bad folder structure

More than one plugin package are both missing a *.info.txt file and have a wrong folder structure. This will make the plugin manager fail with the message “Plugin package (0 plugins: ) successfully installed.”. Examples are jira, multinamespace and codehighlight.

Without plugin package

Another way of installing plugins are by cut-n-paste code snippets from the plugin homepage following the plugin_installation_instructions. There are 89 plugins (11%) that only offer manual installation. 157 plugins has at least one php <code> section besides a download link. New plugins since last survey without download package:

1 popular1) plugin are missing a download package.

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more than 200 installations
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