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Configuration Setting: sepchar

This variable determines the character that separates words in a pagename and that replaces characters not valid in a pagename.

  • Type: Character (letter, digit, '_', '-', or '.')
  • Default: _

The pagename is the component of the URL that specifies the page. For example, by default the link doesn't exist goes to the URL wiki:doesn_t_exist is the pagename. The default sepchar is '_', so the apostrophe and the space each appear as an '_' in the link.

By changing sepchar to another character, you can change the '_' to another character. The valid sepchar characters are those that are valid in a pagename: letters, digits, underscore (_), dash (-), and dot (.). The sepchar variable must contain exactly one character.

Be careful with this variable. By changing it you can make pages created under a previous sepchar inaccessible. When you create a new page, the pagename becomes the file name for the page. If you create pages with sepchar '_' and then later use sepchar '-', your links to those previously created pages will break because the links will change but the file names won't.

Warning: Changing this option could cause unintended behaviour.

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