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r7throot2 Template

Compatible with DokuWiki


template Simple template with customizable menu

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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r7throot2 is a template for DokuWiki wiki engine (inspired by Minima and mmZenzire templates). The main features:

  • Menu - customizable menu, that is displayed on every page.
  • Keywords - user defined meta tag for every generated page
  • Footer - user defined footer information.


Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki. Easy way:

  1. Download the tarball/zip-file
  2. Unpack it into <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
  3. Login as admin and change the template in the configuration manager


Template parameters are located in the following file <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/<template>/conf.php.

File Structure

 + pages
 |- menu1        [1]
 |- blog
 |- gallery
 |- code
  |- 7throot1
  |- 7throot2
 |- contact

This file is displayed on every generated web page and it contains main menu.

==== My Menu ====
  * [[/|Home]] 
  * [[blog|Blog]] 
  * [[gallery|Gallery]] 
  * [[docs|Docs]]
  * [[code|Code]]
  * [[contact|Contact]]


  • 25.12.2009: Template compatible with last DokuWiki release (2009-12-25 Lemming codename) - r0sk.
  • 23.11.2007: Template compatible with multitemplate. Removed some unused images. Removed the sidebar-theme.css - r0sk.
  • 12.04.2007: Initial version v0.1 - r0sk.

Sites using this Template


I'm using a modified version of this template but since it hasn't been updated since 2099 it doesn't seem to work with the latest versions of Dokuwiki. I'd volunteer to upate it but no idea how - any chance someone could do this? — gymnophoria 2013/01/10 16:29
Hello, First, thanks for the template :) I am using your template, and it look well with Firefox. But in IE it's not good at all :) I correct the aspect by adding a : width: 750px; to the div.dokuwiki. In that case, I don't think the “max-width 750px” is still useful :) Cdlt Fabrice
- CoreDmp, 2008/01/12 16:07
Very nice template but how to upload images? I have paste the URL from another installation and it worked but the design is totally broken and the header is missing. How can I fix it with a link “Upload” on the lower Bar? Greetings.
- davidak, 2008/07/17 07:58
Hi, I'd like to change the color of the menu1 items from blue to white. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.
- Dario Correal, 2009/02/09 01:55
Hello, I've just installed this theme that I like (with a modification of the header image), however I face the following problem: I tried to create some content in the “menu1” area - I created in the wiki a page named “menu1” and filled it with some content as described above on this page, nevertheless it looked quite messy - the links were wrapped and superimposed over the other text and they had a totally different colour than on your preview image. I've found out that the links just take over the style of wiki's links (that's for the different colour), but I didn't managed to find out why the links are wrapped, each on one line… Any suggestions? Maybe I did something wrong, but I've been messing around with this problem for a couple of hours, but unsuccessfully. Thanks :)
- JK, 2009/03/04 23:14
Im using this Theme for my Gaming-Clan Site. Maybe you can add it to “Sites running this template”. The URL is: Please with the Text: GNA|Clan
- davidak, 2009/07/20 08:16
Thanks for this very nice template. I'd like to know how to remove the small arrow that appears before external links. And also how to remove the message indicating when the page was last modified. Thanks.
- Yacine, 2010/02/12 19:50
imho css property 'acolor' isn't valid but i may be wrong ;-)
div.dokuwiki a.interwiki:visited {
  acolor: purple;
skara 2010/12/13 13:42
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