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r7throot7 Template

Compatible with DokuWiki


template Simple template with customizable sidebar

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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r7throot7 is a template for DokuWiki wiki engine (inspired by Codigo23, thanks Wu). The main features:

  • Menu - customizable menu, that is displayed on every page.
  • Sidebar - customizable sidebar, that is displayed on every page (sidebar page). Every namespace may have his own sidebar (sidebar page into the namespace).
  • Footer - user defined footer information.
  • No TOC - I'd not set the table of contents, all of the namespaces/pages would be running with NOTOC (feel free to design your own TOC and send me by mail to include on the template).




Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki. Easy way:

  1. Download the tarball/zip-file
  2. Unpack it into <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
  3. Login as admin and change the template in the configuration manager


Template parameters are located in the following file <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/<template>/conf.php.

File Structure

 + pages
 |- menu1        [1]
 |- default_sidebar       [2]
 |- blog_sidebar       [2]
 |- blog
  |- post1
  |- post2
 |- gallery
  |- photos1
  |- beach
 |- contact

This file is displayed on every generated web page and it contains main menu.

  ==== My Menu ====
  * [[/|Home]] 
  * [[blog|Blog]] 
  * [[gallery|Gallery]] 
  * [[docs|Docs]]
  * [[code|Code]]
  * [[contact|Contact]]

Every namespace can have its own sidebar. Simply add a page called namespace_sidebar on same level than the namespace is. If no sidebar is found in the current namespace, the default_sidebar will be used (if it exists). If there is no default_sidebar page, nothing will appears.

==== My Sidebar ====
[[feed.php|{{ blog:rss.png }}]]

**Currently Playing**
{{blog:customrobocube.jpg?66 }} Nintendo\\
Custom Robo Cube ...

**Currently Watching**
{{blog:mini_prisonbreak.jpg }} Prison Break\\

  * [[|]]
  * [[|Chimeric]]...


  • 25.12.2009: Template compatible with last DokuWiki release (2009-12-25 Lemming codename) - r0sk.
  • 07.12.2007: Template update. The links doesn't run without mod_rewrite. Fixed!. Thanks to Thomas Halinka for the report.
  • 23.11.2007: Initial version, compatible with multitemplate. - r0sk.

Sites using this Template


Hello: I am having the following error while trying to use the template: “Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_NS_SEPARATOR' in C:/wamp/www/dokuwiki/lib/tpl/r7throot7/tpl_functions.php on line 39”. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thank you in advance…
Hi John and Tseng: This was a problem of main.php on the template, on last release (7throot7-20071207.tar.gz at the moment) this problem was fixed. Thanks both for report the bug. Note: Sorry John, due a problem with my browser your comments were deleted. Don't know how to restore them… sorry again. - Oscar M. Lage, 2007/12/11 00:41
Hi: Sorry!, I can't find your name. After login, Edit page have some problem, All edit page will got root ( / ) page.. Is it a bug?. My wiki : - Tseng D.P, 2007/12/06 20:11
How do I change the footer ? I understand that it is not the buttons at the bottom line, that I can change on main.php. - Thadeu Penna, 2008/03/10 02:43
I'm under Ubuntu, and the downloaded files didn't untar/unzip properly. I had to go to the /lib/tpl directory of to have a correct version. - Mathieu Perrin, 2008/10/24 00:39
Hello ^^ I just get your template and It work's fine ! I'm now modifying some part of the template to reach my goal: to have a useful wiki for my MMORPG ^^. Here is the site under construction now, but it is his final position. Have a good day! - keke, 2008/12/03 07:15
FYI, the search function does not work with this template. Because this template is missing the indexer webbug. See this page: searchindex I just copied & pasted the one line of code from the bottom of the default template main.php file into the bottom of this template's main.php file. An easy thing to do (although not such an easy thing for me to initially find.) - Frank Van Hooft, 2009/06/09 22:10
I want to use the sidebar to put Links into. I don't know what file i have to change. Can you help me. I don't speak English very well, sorry - emmanuel dousselin, 2009/07/16 23:06
The same happens here. After upgrading my Linux server from Ubuntu Hardy to Lucid, having php5 (version 5.3.2), I have that strange PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ']', expecting T_NS_SEPARATOR in /home/www/lib/tpl/r7throot7/tpl_functions.php on line 39 - Olivier on Nov., 27, 2010.
in tpl_functions.php line 39, replace $INFO[namespace] with $INFO['namespace']. — chtiland 2012/04/24 08:02
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